One from TROLL battles


Hello friends!
I canch one of troll battles, and how i lose games and nervs, i mean i lose more nervs than games but ok.
So my point is, in million battles enemy miss 0 times, always hit with ranger or melee monsters, sneak attacks, never miss attacks with magic units on units who counter magic units like


DJin ochannus have ability PHASE, so enemy with magic attack can MISS sometimes, this is like EVASION for meele attacks, but in my battles, on enemy units PHASE skill work always, but on my cards enemy never can miss. Why that work on that TROLL way why?



To watch full battle click HIRE


Before battle start, i have 6 speed on my unit LIRA THE DARK, after buff i have 7 speed on that unit! 7 Speed is very very very very very very BIG SPEED in battle, and that unit is hard to hit with attacks, BUT, that is not problem for silver cards in gold league who have 100% hit rate and cant miss in battles, so my archer die like noob, and i lost game. And this is not only one game where i lose on same way. Why enemy cant miss where is problem? Battle before i have unit with 6 speed and evasion on it and enemy hit me 3x in row without miss, again lose... For me this is BIG PROBLEM for other i dont know i hate that battle rules where enemy hit every time and i miss in 33% cases. That is reason why i prefer to play magic cards, but there is problem also i already say, PHASE skill for me dont work, for enemy team always work. So for me this is big troll. Lose games lose nervs.


My assasin with 5 speed miss enemy unit back who have 2 speed. Very funny troll.


GG enemy for free win.


You think i troll you with REVERSE SPEED BATTLE, but not, this time game troll me XD

If you have similar battles like this make post, i want to watch that and smile, because probably you smile on my battle XD


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