Splinterlands battlemage secrets: Odd ones out

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This week's battle mage secrets is Odd Ones Out

It is a rule set in which only the odd mana monsters can be used but it doesn't affect the summoners, so summoners with even mana can still be used.

I was paired with Wolfigangle in a 3 rule set.

The first rule was Weak magic magic monsters hit armor before health, the second rule set was Odd ones out which has been explained above while the third rule set was Aim True attacks always hit their target.

The third rule set makes things easier for both players because the confidence is there that our monsters will not miss their attacks, 4 splinters were available which are the water, life, death, and dragon splinters.


battle link

I opt for the neutral summoner Lux Vega to summon the water monsters, it has +1 health in its stats which Kelya doesn't have, so it is a better option while the opponent uses Astral Entity that has the -2 armor stats in order to be able to penetrate my monsters easily.

That was a smart move from him but the only difference is that he was after my [armor]protection while I was after attacking first and that was made possible with the stats of +1 speed possessed by Lux Vega

My formation

Cruel Sethropod

The Sethropod was my tank, I normally use the chaos agent but because of the aim true ruleset, I needed a tank with more health and Sethropod is suitable, it cost 3 mana and has a good chunk of health.

Sneak attackers

The Pelacor bandit and uraeus were the two sneaky monsters I used in this battle, The opponent came with 2 sneaky monsters too but he placed them in the last position and that was the more reason why he lost the battle because I placed my sneak y monsters in the second and third position respectively.


The Merdaali Guardian and Albatross were the two healers I used, The guardian has the repair ability in case any of my monsters need its armor to be fixed and it also added +1 health to its team members.

Two Gun Pete

This is the last card on my team, I purposely placed it there because my instincts told me the opponent was going to use sneaky monsters, Pete has the redemption ability in which the opponent team suffers -1 health damage when Pete dies, so I was hoping I could use that to eliminate any armor he has but he didn't use armor stat summoner instead he uses the one that takes away my armor too.

It was a close battle, I won because my monster was faster than his own. Speed matters

if you want to be a part of this week's Splinterlands battlemage secrets, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from Splinterlands lore and game

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