DAO Income and Assets

I think the DAO should have some element of stable coin LP pools maybe 25%-50% the income from that can be say 80% invested in other assets such as different games,m projects, digital assets, NFTs, Hybrid Positions, LP Pools, Start Ups, Private Equity etc. It can be easily done if everyone on hive votes for a month 2 times a day at 100% for 30 days and we can fund a investment club that can be used to grow and invest in other assets than hive tokens which likely will make you alot of money only if lucky except the useful tokens like SPS, GLX, GLGT, GLUSD, DEC, SPT, HIVE, HBD and tokens that actuall have a use case not some random token named BOB and ppl trade it bc they put rewards for holding it of some shit coin they want to offload and sell there token for money. Doing it this way every unit holder only the larger holders there will be a cut off for the first round as the first round will be listed individually on the companies unitholder list and anyone below x vote value will be put in the feeder club which is a separate entitiy and a C Corporation so no k-1s are issued like in the larger club. Every month after initial funding we will do one day of max funding for the club and this will continue until were at the size we want and can use the LPs to make investments to grow and sustain a distribution. I have about 100K already in place for this and will be making it formal on tribevest with there LLC inv club package which does all the legal work for a LLC and basica operating agreement which we will need to modify. This could be something that actually grows big enough were it can provide a basic income type thing to people who contribute to the platform like if they get a vote for contributing that vote can be used to exchange for shares and there will be a fixed amount of shares that can be updated if more capital wants to come in as long as its not diluted. In probably 5 years the Club which would turn into basically a hedge fund type thing when it gets bigger and starts doing more complex things as well as having passive investors it will need to register withthe SEC under one of the exemptions. We would need a min of 1 million to start out to make it worth it and to be able to grow at a reasonable pace and actually deliver significant but also a steady return aspect that is not as risky of about 15--18$ and the rest will be in much riskyer investments like LP pools with high aprs and saking tokens, SAAS setups , staking as a service, mining certain coins, but always 20% goes to increaswe the stable income so the fund will always be growing year over year and with it the stable income. Also it will have wild income years as well with some of the investments and strategies.

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