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Well my bot did its how i get to diamond 1 and soon will have enough for champ one im just figuring out the optimal combo to beat most ppl using my bot using the analysis of the most common played cards and variations to counter the most common lineups and only have those cards in each account. Also planning full guilds to battle all myself so i get all the rewards and accounts wont even take long to do like 10 guilds and starting out the fray req are not large so i can easily make 5-10 and see how that goes then if it works on to 100-500 and then would need to have ppl play some for splits kind of like NIFTY is doing but I would only have a couple great players and give them a good split to keep making money on the full guilds and each would play a good 50 guilds and the bots would be my income 100% with bonuses at my discretion. If its profitable by the end of the year i plan on the same operations in TD, Splinterforge and GLG and any other games that come in GLX. Also buying illuvium to stake and play the game as well as some others. Also loading up on ADA, SOL, ETH, BTC, IOTX, SPS, GLX, USDC, USDT, BUSD, BSC, DAI, MAKER, AAVE, IMX, AOG, GALA, AVAX, POLYGON and now will start using my daily earnings up to 50% to purchase mostly stable coings btc/wbtc eth/weth, paxg used for collaterol to borrow DAI and lend that out while shorting the gold 10 0z contract. The rest will be less and once the stable coin income is more 75% will be used to buy assets everyday from pieces of rentals, bridge loans, other digital assets, set up nodes, staking as a service, market making, market making in illiquid coins where the spread is huge, market makeing on many dexs and also repeating all posts using Chat GPT and other AI content creation to create content that will likely receive alot of attention using SEO and it can write crazy amounts of content and the more i post from all the accounts the more i can vote them all to as well as get more and more autovotes as i push more and more content. Ill also be building up a similar thing on any social media digital asset dapp that rewards for posts etc. Will be looking into mining filecoin and storge as i have a bunch of GPUs and other old computers and cards so if it doesnt work NBD bc i got it all for free. Deffinately getting into stable coins to use as well as other equities and private deals so cash flow is never a issue and i can dca in all the time which is likely the best method right now as shits volitile but in a year or two that 5% in staking fees will be worth if its say XTZ and it hits 8 again 40% same with all the others this may be the chance to get in again before it either takes off like a rocket and that will mean all crypto rises usually hopefully the million sps will rip my face off hit a few dollars or something insane and i can liquidate for a couple million and keep a half a million sps to play. The rest will goto stablecoins and private investments like the voyager opportunity fund which provides a steady unleverd 16% return per year paid monthly bc it operates in tax leins and gets very high rates of interest and since there is no leverage i may add my own to increase the roi to like 25%. Ichan Enterprises is another i will be building daily with my earnings from staking etc and my goal is to get to 2000 units by eoy which would give me 16K in extra income and adding voyager nother 8000 , spl anywhere from 15000 to 100000 as well as BLK as it owns pretty much everything and exerts a lot of influence on the world so might as well be behind the side that controls what happens. I cant wait for that flywheel to start bc this is the chance ive been waiting for to have ppl go all fomo when dec drys up they burn sps which is low now and i just wait and it shoots up in value and then i sell half for a large profit and hold to sell smaller amounts as it fluctuates. GLX I expect the same thing. Also if sps goes up my 13 nodes may make it to where its worth buying for 5K then that will give me 65K and ill sell about half again. cards will also go up if dec is scarce and sps is being burned as well bc ppl holding sps will be able to buy more cards demand goes up prices go up rents go up and that is the time where you take profits on probably half and rebuild the remaining half back to where it was. Im hoping the 2500 GLG packs really do sell for about 11 bucks after the discount so i can flip them and make a profit at say 10 bucks of 6 per pack as they cost me 4 less all the GLX they give me so that would make 18000 in profit and give me my 10K back plus right now there is another 3000 plus in glx profits so the 10K basis is really 7000 right now and getting less and less which will jsut make my gain larger. Also buying nightmare packs if they dip to catch all the sps they offer daily, land as well since that will be a long term sps source at least a year which will likely pay for land at these prices. May hold off and buy a tract as well and buy land plots to hold and sell once the value equals a tract. LPs im going to analize the best pools to hedge the price fluctuations and take advantage of the 40-70% rates which will goto buying more nodes, sps, chaos, rift packs to hold on to as well as cheap older cards so i can get some new powerful cards for wild as i like wild better as my bot and i seem to do much better there.

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