Idea to get Thousands of New Real Players to Splinterlands

The most important for a game is to get new players, without them the cards, tokens price will not go up as there is no enough demand for the the big amount of assets splinterlands have.

Before start getting lot of new players splinterlands should fix the terrible new players experience that is playing in bronze against bots that play perfect teams for any mode with the starter cards.

Here I made a post that give easy solutions to that problem:

Getting New players: The easiest way to get plenty of them and could even be without any extra cost, is with the affiliate program. Unfortunately the current one is only giving 0.5 in credits per players that buy the spell book for 10$, there is an extra commission if someone buy packs credits but no one do this if you are going to buy packs you do it with DEC, So commission is pretty low , is lowest that the average GPT PTC site or others games affiliate programs, people may chose to advertise something else instead of splinterlands.

Improve Affiliate Program without Cost:

Any improve will help a lot , just the announce of splinterlands that they have improve the program will make lot of players star advertising it , because lot of players doesn't even know it exist an some has forget about it since no one talk about it.

The Free Way:

Simple Just give a Chaos Legion Pack for any new player that buy the spell book for the owner of the affiliate link, they are going to get burned anyway so there is no cost. Note that any improvement has to be only on new players not on the old referrals players has already, otherwise it miss the whole point of encourage to get new players.

More Interesting:

Packs are pretty good but there will be more players exiting if there is Promo card as a price for getting new players with your link, and even more interesting than 1 promo card are more promo cards:
1 Commune for each new player.
1 Rer for each 4 players.
1 Epic for each 10 players.
1 Legendary for each 20 players.

Just an example of something very exiting, image some that are close to get his first 20 he will do anything to complete them to get the legendary and I think is important to have something for each you get so you will feel like each of them madders. This one is a lot more encourage but is not free, the team will have to work designing the extras cards.

Last one:

This last one is the less exciting but the one the could give the highest income also is the most expensive for splinterlands: Share benefits for each purchase that referrals do in splinterlands if they buy packs with DEC give as well commission for them if the buy something on the market share with them a part of the market commission.
As I said all of this must to be only for new ones not for the current referrals people already have.

Help this idea to reach the team, make a proposal with it, mention it in the town hall or just Upvote this post so it reach to more people.

Oh and in case you are not already in splinterlands you can join with this link:


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This could work but I feel like it would just be abused by bot farms.