Battle Challenge Grund and Martyr: Not once but hitting twice harder!

Hello dear Hive and Splinterlands community!

I couldn't wait till I get back to Silver to access higher Mana battle limit and could finally play some decent and Fun battles. Moreover, this season is exceptional since it marks the release of the new Soulbound NFTs.
For this reason, since the Share your Battle Challenge of this Week theme is Grund, why not share a battle that features both the Heavy Striker and my newly acquired Earth Soulbound card, and I wasn't disappointed at all!


This card is a 10 mana Epic Earth Card that belongs to the Chaos Legion Edition! This card stands out with its Double Strike ability as shown in the card's design a Reptile holding a couple of Warhammers and ready to engage in combat at anytime!

A closer look at this NFT:
grund ability.PNG

  • Base Stats:

    • Not the best of Tanks with No Armor but decent 10 Health at the first level
    • 3 Melee Damage with an Decent 3 Speed is good for the raw damage
  • Abilities

    • Double Strike at level 1: This ability makes Grund as strong and popular as he is, totally a whopping 6 damage per round
    • Trample at level 4: The synergy between both abilities is insane! Trample can apply for each attack resulting in a potential 4 Melee attacks per round. Obviously Stampede is one of his favourite Rulesets
    • Cripple at level 6: Against it synergizes well with Double Strike as it applies Cripple twice per round leading to less effective heals from enemy team!
GrundLevel 1Level 3
1BCX Price$1.4$11.87
Max BCX Price$63$118
Rental0.1 DEC/day3.06 DEC/day

Grund Favourite Rulesets

As discussed earlier, Grund isn't too tanky to widhstand all upcoming damage in a given round, that's why Rulesets like:

  • Melee Mayhem
  • Super Sneak
  • Equal Opportunity

perfectly favor this monster allowing it the freely input damage without suffering frontal attacks

Into the Battle - Click Here to Watch

Mana: 36 - Explosive Weaponry - All Element available minus Dragons

Let's Talk here how I went up with my Lineup:

sThis Legendary Summoner is gaining a lot of attention recently and jumped up in price! Blast rulesets means higher probability of facing magic so Void is crucial in limiting direct and blast damage! -1 Health [() is always beneficial, Shatter comes in handy when facing heavy armored (or protect) team composition, by getting rid of the Armor, the blast damage will destroy their Health faster!
1Our main Actor for this week and the main damage dealer m, I'm curious about the damage input with both Double Strike and Blast per turn
fThis cute Mushroom Head is my first Soulbound reward card, nothing special about its main stats but pay a close attention to its ability: Martyr m My plan is to put it between Grund and Slipspawn and get it killed by enemies blast damage so that both monsters get Marty buff
ttFor our strategy to work, Taunt tt is a must to direct all the damage and let Grund freely hit the frontliners, Slipspawn fits perfect with 11 Health to tank damage as much as possible and Void from Immortalis will make it more resilient to magic damage
lJust filled Chaos Agent to absorb some Blast damage when Slipspawn is hit (extra protection for the next card)
dGoblin Psychic got 2 magic damage and Tank Heal; since Grund got a lot of Health (10 Health), the heals will be fairly effective +3 Health per round and keeping it alive for as long as possible
Placing this monster in the last position for a potential sneak attack from enemy team to suffer Thorns damage after Slipspawn's death to keep Goblin Psychic alive

Round 1

My team was a support team while the enemy went full Damage Melee Fire Team
My Team's damage output: 3x2 Melee + 4 Magic + 1 Ranged for a total of 11 Damage
Enemy Team damage output: 14 Melee + 2 Magic for a total of 16 Damage
Not only I'm outmatched in term of damage but also got Grund damage nerfed because of Demoralise

Into the battle,Tenyl Striker was the first to secure the kill for the enemy team by taking down the 2 monsters next to my Slipspawn : Fungus Flinger + Chaos Agent
As I had anticipated, Martyr was activated for both Grund and Mycelic Slipspawn resulting in this:
b1 maryr.png
Thanks to Martyr buffs, SlipSpawn was able to inflict heavy damage to Living Lava (and Radiated Brute) only to be finished by Goblin Psychic

Round 2

Goblin Psychic heal proved pretty effective as Grund still keeping most of his health while Mycelic still hanging on with just 3 Health.

Unfortunately, the situation turned out pretty complicated as Slipspawn got eliminated by Tenyl Striker and Goblin Psychic got taken down by Serpentine Spy
I still have a little HOPE after Desintegrator missed his attack on Grund

Round 3

A Masterclass performance from Grund, Thanks to the additional speed from Martyr, it was first to act and deal a total of 10 Damage this round, turning the tides for a sweet victory:


Battle discussion

  • Void was helpful to nullify the blast damage from his magic attacker
  • Despite Shatter wasn't too relevant, Grund was able to get rid of Living Lava Armor in the first shot
  • Having a mixture of damage types (Magic and Melee) proved to be extremely effective in altering the enemie's strategy (Shield + Demoralize)
  • Martyr Placement is so important and it was shown in this battle that it made a big difference by buffing my main 2 monsters!
  • Most importantly, this battle was so exciting and fun and you could never know who will come out as a winner!

Thanks a lot for reading and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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