Exploring new strategies: Sneak Life Team Composition!

Hello dear Splinterlands and Hive community!
Unfortunately, I didn't keep my rentals till the end of the season to stay in the Silver League and ended up dropping to Bronze at 300 Rating making me waste more than a couple of days to climb back to Silver and get access to higher quality chests/SPS rewards/ Battles!

Since today's focus was Life Element I should capitalize on this and rent some modern (and wild) Life cards and truthfully I was surprised:

  • The Rent was cheaper than usual!
  • The cards I've rented did unexpectedly well

Rented Cards



Let's be honest here, I've been planning to rent Tyrus Palladium, however when scrolling on PeakMonsters rentals, I've found a level 2 Ilthain for only 1.46 DEC/day.
Ilthain rental is usually higher at around 5-6 DEC / day (level 2) in the previous seasons.
Moreover, I've always had my eyes on this summoner:

  • +1 Speed: the current Meta evolves a lot about Speed and Speed Manipulation Cards are highly popular, Althought Life isn't know for having Fast Cards, it was a huge help while picking the monsters cited below
  • Return Fire: I've lost countless battles to Pelacor Arbalest heavy missile and other archery Monsters, at least for now, I can watch Pelacor suiciding on the first round. In addition, it'll add a big edge on certain rulesets like Keep your Distance and the newly released Going To Distance

Chaos Knight


At level 1, it lacks the damage so a Level 3 is a must:
We got a 6 Mana Monster with 4 Health, 3 Armor and most importantly Shield and 3 Melee Damage
Not only it can tank lots of hits from enemy Melee and Ranged Attacks (don't forget Retrun Fire) while inflicting serious damage to the frontliner
Weekness: Magic damage...
Fun Fact: Because of its low Health, it attract many Opportunity attacks that waste their attacks on Armor!

Stitch Leech


I've rented a level 3 Leech because of the higher Speed and Health compared to level 1
For only 3 mana We've got a 2 Melee damage Sneak Monster with 3 Speed (2 + 1 Ilthain Buff) and 4 Health
This monster is decent in low mana battles and can do some damage!

Celestial Harpy


Get a level 3 Harpy for the additional attacks, 1 attack will do shit!
For 2 Mana we got 2 Melee Damage, Opoortunity, Flying and an okayish speed.
This Monster is mostly used in low Mana battles (alongside Stitch Leech) and can be placed at the last position for some lucky sneak attacks evasion with Flying

Dumacke Exile


Behind that Chad Look and 6 Mana lies some cool stats:

  • 3 Melee Damage
  • High Speed at 5 (4 + Ilthain buff)
  • 5 Health
  • 2 Armor
  • Sneak

Here we got a Fast Sneak Monster dealing serious damage AND is perfect for last Position: 2 Armor absorbing some enemy Sneak damage, enough Health to survive a couple of round and High speed that can result in some attaks evasion!
This card is truly underrated!

SilverShield Assasin


I'm sure you've come across the Lorna Shine + Silvershield Knight (Inspire) + Silversheld Assasin. This combo is pure Madness!
At level 3 this monster gains its second attack for a total of 4 Melee Damage per round and luckily I've found a cheap rent for this card too at 0.51 DEC / day
In term of stats, taking aside Double Strike, it's not too far from Dumacke Exile: it got decent health, Armor for protection, decent speed!
If Inspire is added to the team, SilverShield Assasin will be superior and deadlier in term of damage

Overview at my Rentals

2 DEC a day? Take my Money!


We got a 28 Mana CounterSpell Ruleset which I can comfortably put Chaos Knight since it'll be less likely enemy will play Magic. Moreover, I've got Return Fire Ready for the upcoming Archery Damage!

Battle Link

Round 1

After a series of Buffs and Debuffs, Enemy got a slight advantage in term of Speed however:

  • Enemy got 2 Magic Damage + 6 Ranged Damage for a Total of 10 damage per round
  • My team got 14 Melee Total Damage + Return Fire

I didn't expect to face Oshannus but it's a logical choice since Void nullify the reflection Damage, while I'm glad they did bring lots of Archery Damage!
return fire.png
Even Camouflage is NOT Safe!

Round 2

The battle is shifting to my favor as Igor Darkspear and Xenith Archer got eliminated by Return Fire and My Sneak Attackers! Sadly Chaos Knight got eliminated by Oshannus, let's see how the battle unfolds

Round 3

Sea Stalker Damage is nuts but luckily its getting some back thanks to Return Fire. Since Sea Stalker has camouflage, all attacks are directed to Oshannus !

Round 4

Huge miss! remember what I said about Harpy! Fly came in handy! The Battle is now pretty much over with my victory

Battle Dicussion

  • Having all attacks focused on the Backline was the key to win this battle: Oshannus is too tanky and constantly gets Heals from Merdaali
  • High Speed: Less chances to miss => a couple of misses could turn the tides to Enemy Team's favor
  • That miss thanks to Flying
  • Shield Nullifyed most of the attacks while buying a lot of time for my sneak monsters to attack, if it wasn't for Shield, Sea Stalker could've created a lot more Chaos to my team

Thanks a lot for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

Dividers are from @kyo-gaming

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