Rent to Own Owster Rotwell: Day 1



To recap from yesterday, I plan to rent Owster until I have earned enough to buy my own. My original statement was that Owster only cost .5 DEC to rent a day, and by the time I was finished writing that post the cheapest Owster I could find was 1.601 DEC per day. I rented that card for a week at the cost of 11.207 DEC total.

Amount Earned

I played a lot of ranked battles yesterday and I earned a fair share of DEC from those coming in at 139.058 DEC. This puts me 127.851/1900 DEC towards owning my own Owster. Beyond the DEC I have earned from ranked battles, I received .011 vouchers last night that I have listed on hive engine. I will keep the funds from that liquid as SWAP.HIVE until there is a good price on DEC or until I am about to purchase the card.


Owster of course is best used against the Alric magic spam that is predominant in bronze and will win a lot of games. A win however is not guaranteed as running an Owster into a team without magic is a huge liability. Getting juked when playing Owster leads to a lot of losses so you have to be really careful when you use Owster.

This first battle is an example of when using Owster is really good.

This second battle is an example of when Owster should have gotten the job done but fell just short. This battle was actually a lot of fun with such an unexpected ending!

This third battle shows the ugly side of Owster when you run into somebody who ended up not selecting a magic squad.


At this rate, I will have Owster in roughly two weeks from now. I hope that I can finish it out a little quicker than that. Ten days is what I would really like to aim for so that I can move on and start earning my next card! As always, if you would like to support me in this journey, feel free to follow and leave a like! Additionally, here is the link for the first post in this series!