Splinterlands Daily Quest Log: Day 24


day 24 cover.PNG

What is up everyone, today I had a fire quest and once again it was a real struggle to complete. Too many strategies in bronze absolutely dominate the fire splinter and I do not own enough cards to combat these strategies. It took me many many battles just to get five wins and it even got to the point that I was playing to win instead of just grinding out my quest. Because of all this, I do not have all of my wins in my recent battle history on Splinterlands so I will not be talking about those!

As far as my rewards go, I came into today getting two cards the last two days so I really was not expecting to get one today. The odds of getting a card finally did their thing and I was rewarded with another alchemy potion. I now have seven alchemy potions and nine legendary potions. These will definitely be put to good use if the price of a voucher ever falls low enough that I can buy some Chaos Legion packs. If not, I guess I am waiting until Chaos Legion becomes available without vouchers after the pre-release!

Alchemy Potion.PNG

If you want to follow the series here is the link to my daily quest log from yesterday.