Splinterlands Daily Quest Log: Day 25


day 25 cover.PNG

What is up everyone! Today, my daily quest was to get five wins with a sneak monster and I though this was going to be a walk in the park. Then the game decided to feed me a steady stream of back to basics, fog of war, and no melee rulesets. I also learned that if the ruleset is super sneak it still does not count towards your quest which is slightly annoying!

My wins were as

Win 1: Water Splinter vs Earth Splinter
Win 2: Earth Splinter vs Water Splinter
Win 3: Water Splinter vs Water Splinter
Win 4: Death Splinter vs Dragon Splinter
Win 5: Dragon Splinter vs Earth Splinter

After all this, I was hoping to get a reward card today to continue to grow my collection power. I was not lucky today though and I got another potion once again. If I ever get to purchase some Chaos Legion packs, these potions will be much appreciated, but at the moment they are not really helping me at all.

Alchemy Potion.PNG

If you want to follow the series here is the link to my daily quest log from yesterday.