Splinterlands Daily Quest Log: Day 26


day 26 cover.PNG

What is up everyone, welcome back to my daily quest log! Today, my daily quest was a snipe quest. Easy peasy! I was playing for fun today rather than completing my quest as fast as possible so I do not have my games recorded or how long it took me, but it was a good time. I mainly just wanted to play with all the new cards that I bought yesterday so the quest went onto the back burner as I tried new combinations that were not previously available to me! It is always exciting to have new cards as it makes the game which can feel like a solved puzzle from time to time and turn it on it's head.

After I finally completed my quest, I was totally prepared to get myself another potion or a few credits as a reward but today must have truly been my day as I got a card! This card was not just any common, or even any rare! I had gotten my first epic card as a reward and it was really exciting!

day 26.PNG

Djinn Chwala is an absolute house and can close out games all by itself if the opponent plays into it. My favorite pairing with chwala is the life splinter so that I can get lots of heals going to keep it alive! While I already own a Djinn Chwala, I will gladly accept 100 collection power and another step towards getting the card to level two.

If you want to follow the series here is the link to my daily quest log from yesterday.