Splinterlands Art Contest Week 218: A Frozen Ice Pixie Artwork : Hyper Realistic AI Artwork


Welcome to my Art Blogs Everyone, where I'm Using the Power of AI Art Generation Models to Create Realistic Artworks Around Splinterlands Monsters, From just Simple Text Prompts And Training.

Every Week, the Splinterlands Team Realses the Art Contest Challenge to give Artsits the Chance to create Beutiful Artworks, Every Week, I'm Mind-Blown about the Realeses we Get, some of these Artwork Inspires me and I go forth to Create Better Themed Monster.

This Week, I will be Creating Artwork Around a Water Elemental Monster Called Ice Pixie. Let's Check it Out Below ⬇


Sneak-peek 😜

Art Concept for Ice Pixie

Without a Doubt (Or Probably I could be Wrong xD), Ice Pixie is among the Top Most Popular Monster that Artits Create Art Aorund in Splinterlands, there's no week that passes by where I don't see an Ice Pixie Artwork, So I Decided to Give Mine A Shot too!.

For Starters, I'm a Big fan of Fairies, I've Watched a Lot of Barbie Series and Tinkerbell Animated Films so I've got a Few Ideas/Concept for this. I could Decide on a Few Pointers/ Theme to Go About this AI Art Generation, But I Have to Eventually Pick just One. These are What I have in Mind So Far:

  • A Water Ice Pixie Princess in a Tree House Hut in her Fronzen Kingdom

  • A Water Ice Pixie in a Christmas Attire (Although, Christmas is still a Few Weeks away, I Think Fairies fit this Theme Perfectly)

  • An Ice Pixie Water AI Monster Redesigned into a Typical Card Image

  • A Highly Realistic Oil-Painting Artwork of Ice Pixie (Over a Computer Generated Stock Looking Photo)

As you can see, I've got a Lot of Ideas for this Artwork, But I decided to go with the Last One for Some Reasons I'll now Share with You - Other Ideas are More Fitting for Different Scenerios (Such as, A Christmas Artwork and A New Card Idea Showcase, So I'll rather just Leave them for Later).

image (1).png

Now, I'll Like to Generate a 4k Oil Painting Artwork Because I Observed that Most Computer Generated Images Today Look like Stock Photos, they can also be Easily Identified as NOT REAL, So I wanna really strive to create an Art that Looks like it's been Hand - Painted by a Real Artist. That's the Idea!.

I was Highly Inspired by This Artwork by @oscariart, Really Awesome Piece Created for Last Week's Contest and This is the Texture I'm Looking to Achieve, Let's Get Started!

Intro To Ice Pixie

Ice Pixie (1).png

Lore: The temperature of Azmaré’s Frozen Hell has been gradually but steadily increasing for the last ten years, since the salt sickness has taken hold there. The Ice Shelf itself is not in any imminent danger of melting, nor is the Palace of the Frost Giant, but new, mischievous creatures of the ice have been emerging from the melted cracks. These Ice Pixies have apparently been frozen for many lifetimes, simply awaiting a warmer season to make their escape. Once free, Ice Pixies play like warp speed children throughout the Splinterlands, making a real mess of the natural world.

Art Creation Process with AI Model

According to the Type of Artwork I'm Hoping to Generate, I don't know the Extent of the Capability of the AI Model Since this is the First time I'm testing Such a Theme - But there's One Major Thing I've Learnt so Far, and that is to Use Previous Artists Works/References.

What this Means is that - The AI Model Looks at an Artist's Previous Arworks that has been Specified, and Creates a Similar Image out of that.

This is a process that Begins from Looking thorugh Artworks on a Popular Website like Artstation, then Finding the Perfect Test Collection.

I'm Still Unsure of if Artist's Popularity Determines the Success of Your Prompts, But We'll both soon see!.


AI Model Used: Mid Journey AI Model

Time Taken to Source Image Theme: Approx 1.5 Hours

Total Images Created: About 15 Images

Theme Artist: Entei Ryu, Concept Artist - Digital Illustrator, Artstastion

Link to Desired Artwork Texture: Oil Painting - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQoV31


My Final Generation was:

Text Prompt: hyper realistic oil painting of a pixie fairy, holding an ice staff, with iced wings, in a frozen forest, close up, by entei rye --v 4



This is Ofcourse a Beautiful Closeup Image of Ice Pixie, I was Able to Generate a Close Oil Painting Theme of Image to Offset the Usual Stock Image View that Most AI Images Look like. The Oil Painitng Generation was not as Advanced and Noisy as I would have Preferred.

Afterall, a Real Painter Cannot Paint all Stroke in a Specific Detailed Pattern without failing to Maintain Exact Patterns, That's what Makes Art Special and we, Humans.

With a Few Photo Editing I was able to Make the Art look less Computer-Generated and more Humane. And I hope you Love it 😘

What Do You think about this Artwork? How Real does it Look?

Bonus Image - Enjoy!


Ice Pixie Frozen to a Spot, before her Ice Staff got Chipped!


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I like the fairy reminds me a bit of the angels of the colonial era >.<


How nice that it inspires you in your art. Greetings 💜


Thanks for the kind words, Keep Creating Great Content! 🤗


it is incredible to see what AI can do. Sadly the skills cannot be matched (well not for me anyway), but I am still impressed