Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS

This week's battle challenge is the Dragons.


Lets start by examining the splinter.

The dragon splinter is an interesting faction unlike the other it's not specific to it's own faction but instead allows you to play the dragon splinter with the other factions. Once you select your dragon summoner you'll then pick life, death, fire, water, or earth splinter to pair with your dragon faction. This unique pair can create some powerful combinations.

Being a newer player I find it hard to play the dragon splinter even though I own some good dragon cards because I do not have a dragon summoner leveled up yet. I have worked on the base faction to level 3 (one step beyond bronze max / entry silver level) with the next step being level 4 (silver max level) so I can start to work the cards to max level for silver. So when I use a dragon summoner I generally lose card power from my leveled up card in the different splinters.


OverallWhile I generally like to put the usage for the card based on rule set it's hard to give a "usage" case for dragon cards because it will depend on what drgaon summoners, the level of the dragon summoner, and if you have cards that make using the dragon summoner worth it.

Cards I used:


For this battle it was a 42 mana battle with Earthquake and Lost Magic with only Fire, Earth, and Dragon splinters available. With lost magic I didn't feel earth splinter was going to be very good in silver with the modern cards I had. So that leaves Fire and Dragon as I felt my opponent would be in the same boat for earth. Focusing on Tarsa and Drake of Arnak, Tarsa gives 1 damage and 1 health and Drake gives 1 shield. The 1 shield will block a whole attack negating the 1 damage and base damage from the fire card. It's also an earthquake battle and I knew I had some flying cards under dragon so I decided this is the perfect battle to pick dragon.

The line up I have here this battle:

  • For my tank I pick the Djinn Chwala, in this instance I know my opponent will likely have melee cards and I wanted the thorns. The Chwala also has high armor to take the damage from earthquake, from melee, and / or thorns damages and the Chwala has high health.
  • Next is the Carnage Titan, he is in the 2nd position with his reach and double attack. Again he has high armor and health, while I was worried about thorns from my opponent I went ahead with Carnage Titan because he has the armor to take a few thorns hits.
  • Next up is Gargoya Devil flying to handle the earthquake, close range if my Chwala or Titan goes down it can attack. This is also a ranged card encase there is a thorns cards.
  • Next up is Tower Griffin again fly and range so handle the earth quake and deal damage without taking thorns damage.
  • Next up is Zyvax also fly and attacked Zyvax also has recharge so when he attacks he will hit hard with high health.
  • In the back Scorch Fiend to protect Zyvax encase of any sneak attacks.

Link to the Battle

My opponent's setup

My opponents line up is Fire with Living Lava, Elven Defender, Tenyii Striker, Disintegrator, Fire Elemental, and Mantoid.

He has a snipe to start working on my Gargoya Devil, and a sneak to work on my back line.
His disintegrator reduces my damage so my melee cards will not be able to hurt the living lava. A second tank and range blast card to do some chip damage on my 2nd position.

Round 1

  • My Chwala and Titan will be ineffective against the living lava as their damage has been reduced to 1 and living lava has shield.
  • The Fire elemental hits my Chwala and chip damage on the Titan.
  • My Gargoya Devil hits the living lava and removes one shield.
  • The Tenyii Striker removes the shield on my fiend.
  • The Living lava removes the rest of my Chwala shield and the thorns damage removes the remaining shield on the Living Lava.
    Round 1 Start

Round 2

  • The thorns damage goes out; Removing the 2 shield from the Elven Defender and removing it complete from Disintegrator. While doing damage to the Tenyii Strike, Fire Elemental, Mantoid, and killing my Fiend.
  • The Fire Elemental does damage to my Chwala taking him down to 5 health.
  • The Zyvax comes off recharge and does damage to the Living lava taking it to 3 health.
  • The Tower Griffin and Titan does 0 damage to the living lava
  • The Gargoya Devil damages the Living lava down to 2 health.
  • My Chwala does 0 damage to the Living lava
  • The Living Lava takes my Chwala down to 1 health and the thorns takes the Living lava to 1 health.
    Round 2 Start

Round 3

  • The thorns damage went out killing the Living Lava, the Fire Elemental, and Chwala. Removing the armor Elven defender and 2 armor from the Titan.
  • My Tower Griffin, Titan, then Gargoya Devil do damage to the Elven Defender taking him to 4 health.
  • The Mantoid takes my Gargoya Devil to 1 health.
  • The Tenyii Strike and Elven Defender miss my Zyvax and Titan respectively.
    Round 3 Start

Round 4

  • The thorns damage goes out killing the Mantoid, reducing the Elven defender to 2 health, Tenyii Striker down to 1 health, Disintegrator, and Titan removing the remaining armor.
  • Zyvax kills the Elven Defender
  • The Tower Griffin kills the Tenyii Striker.
  • Then the Titan kills the Disintegrator giving me the win!!!
    Round 4 Start

Bonus battle with Carnage Titan.

Come join the Splinterlands community.


Love to read your reports, always easy to follow, and we can learn and improve.
What took out the mantoid was the earthquake and not the thorns.

Keep up the good work


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