Flippening in Splinterlands! My Favorite Way to Play!

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Hello everyone! I am here on Splinterlands, giving myself a little fun by opening packs and if I pull something shiny and gold or something I already have, I sell it which is called Flippening! It is a real part of the game to flip packs! I love presents to myself as they are always Splinterlands Rebellion packs! Do you know what flipping is? It is the most fun I have with the game for sure!

It is where you buy packs like Rebellion packs, open them up, and sell the contents. In my case, as I mentioned above, I sell all the gold foil cards and all the regular foil cards that already have maxed. I spent some DEC here for the packs, buying them in-game so I can get a higher chance in the current conflict! I have 1,307 chances right now for the new card Cryptic coming soon!

I just need 11 to max it, hehe! I pulled a nice gold foil Rebellion Legendary card, a Venka! worth around $250 on the market. I ended up taking the peakmonsters bid of $180 instantly as I am impatient most of the time, lol! So I basically got a lot of Free Rebellion cards.

Screenshot 2024-06-10 013415.png

Screenshot 2024-06-10 141135.png

I am getting close to 2K Rebellion packs purchased! It has taken a while to do so. I did buy some on Tribaldex (hive-engine) before but I really like to buy them in-game as it helps Splinterlands earn and keep up their business as well as you can enter the conflicts for the airdrops!
Screenshot 2024-06-10 131226.png
Let's Go Cryptic! What a crazy-looking card that is going to be! Wow! All of the airdrops have been so amazing! I must say Venka is one of my new favorite cards! She is such a beast! I did not even know she was a girl, haha! GhostlyBG told me in the Splinterlands Discord! You learn something new every day!
Screenshot 2024-06-10 131409.png

I have all my Rebellion Legendary and Summoner cards maxed out, so any extra of those I pulled went on the market. I listed them on Peakmonsters in 5 seconds and always put the lowest price with a 4-7% discount so they will sell fast. Last night I instantly made back the $180!

It will always be a gamble but it is also so much fun as you never know what you will pull! I love it when the card starts to shaky, shaky, shaky!! Legendary card incoming! You gotta love the gold foil epics as well! Rebellion is where it is at! All I am doing is maxing out Rebellion cards but I know it will take me a while to do so. I am selling many older Alpha, Beta cards, etc. to buy Rebellion with it.

I think the rest of 2024 will be such a great year for Splinterlands! I mean, look at land, brawls, tournaments, there is so much going on in Splinterlands and there are simply so many different ways to earn it is quite ridiculous! I love this game, I love the community! I love HIVE! I love this blockchain. I am a Mother of 3 children, not rich at all quite the opposite, unfortunately. :-( My youngest is 17. My 28-year-old son Adil was born with Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk, talk, sit up, etc. There is a big expense in quality medical items I have to purchase such as Premium adult diapers. They are so expensive it is insane! I spend about $400-$500 a month alone on his incontinence supplies. The adult diapers his Medicaid buys are horrible there is no protection really, so I have to get the premium ones myself. The point is, Splinterlands has helped a ton at times with this expense for us alone! I am grateful!


I can go to Bitrefill and get an Amazon gift card or Instacart gift card via crypto and buy these items he needs and items like groceries, etc. It is amazing! If you want to take your Hive -change it to Light Coin or whatever coin you like they accept it is so easy to use. Then you send it to them and they give you whatever gift card you selected, there are hundreds of stores to choose from. If you use my referral we both get $5 after you purchase $200 worth of goods. This is my referral link if you would like to try it out HERE

Screenshot 2024-06-10 121414.png

I am in love with the Rebellion Pack opening animation as well! What an awesome job Nate did with the designs, it is amazing! I think it is so cool that I can sometimes make out so great. I think Yabapmatt is an awesome CEO of Splinterlands and I support them 100%! Buying rebellion packs is just a small way I can support Splinterlands while also having some fun!

It is way cheaper, of course, to buy low-priced cards off the market to level up and max out your cards. However, I am a Splinterlands pack-opening addict! I will admit it! It is too much fun to open them up! I can escape and go to la la land with the excitement of opening a pack up as you never know what it will be! I love it! You can easily check your latest your pack's opening information. There are lots of third-party places like Peakmonsters HERE or Monster Market HERE or if you need more information on cards try Splintercards HERE that can give you that information as well.

I hear some players that are discouraged at SPS but that is just one aspect of the game. That is not the entire game. It is also a long-term game. It is not meant to be a get-rich-quick overnight miracle some are looking for. You need to spend some time in it, I have been here 6 years and will continue to be here always. I would be so sad without my Splinterlands! In my opinion, we need to support Splinterlands and the team in any way we can! I am happy they are still here doing the damn thing! So many other games have vanished into thin air! Not Splinterlands! They are here to stay! 6 years baby, that is a long time for a crypto game!

If you have no money to buy a Rebellion pack from Splinterlands then you could earn some by creating an awesome post on Hive about Splinterlands. Enter one of their great weekly contests and earn crypto to buy a pack with! I mean Splinterlands is the one giving you the upvote from their contest so why not put it back into the game?

Who knows what you might pull one day and can sell for a profit, buy something in real life you need, and put some back in the game! That is what I do and will continue to do so. My cable wire was snapped last Friday so I had to cancel that livestream tournament BUT it got fixed on Saturday afternoon! Yay, Infinity! I am live streaming a small Splinterlands Silver Wild Tournament this Thursday, June 13th at 1:00 PM EST. Join me in the chat for giveaways and live tournament coverage! The link for it is HERE.

If you are interested in joining the maxed Tier 5 Immortal Gods Guild contact me on Discord at clove71. If you do not meet the win rate requirements of 60% for brawls, you can join Spaceballs the Guild!

See you on the flip side! ~@clove71



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Agor Longtail (698px, 25fps) (1).gif

Cerberus (955px, 23.976fps).gif


**Immortal Gods is now RECRUITING! DM me, clove71#5266, in Discord. If you have an excellent win rate and decent cards, apply at the Guild, OR you can also DM me!

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If Adil can smile, so can we!


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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

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Congratulations on your 2k rebellion packs
Have you staked your card in the conflict competition?
The current one is tough, I am not sure to get the three cards in the airdrop. It is still fun to be part of the adventure.


Thanks! Yes, I staked all the ones I use in the game, any extra ones of cards I maxed, I put on the market, will buy more packs or cards to max out the rest, it is taking me a long time, lol!


You are on the right path.
I am doing the same but at my own pace or speed.
Have a great day.


Nice cards! I haven't tried rebellion packs yet but will consider them now. Thanks for the clip 🤩 !LOLZ


They are really nice, especially the ones with Weapons Training- put two non attacking cards beside them and they get their attack too!


A-MAZING! Congrats on your pulls and congrats on the 2k packs! That's HUGE! ❤️


Thanks, I have just been buying them little by little, it is taking me forever to max them out, I feel like I am a little more than halfway there...