Splinterlands! I Pulled a $1,000 Untamed Legendary Summoner!

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Hello everyone! I was streaming live on Twitch earlier today and was in the mood to open up an Untamed pack I bought for $68 on https://hive-engine.com earlier. I only open up my packs when I am in the mood to do so. You can catch lots of my pack opening, even the dud ones lol on my Tiktok HERE. I was so excited when I pulled Zaku earlier! He is my favorite Untamed Legendary card which gives a blast ability to all Monsters! Gotta love that blast ability boy!

There is actually an Untamed pack on the prize wheel for Subscribers of mine who are also donators to the Pigeon Classic Charity event. The donation is going to Child's Play. Read all about it and donate HERE. You can join my Pigeon Classic Charity tournament and live stream for this Wednesday, Nov. 10th HERE. There is a $155 prize reward there I have donated out of my own money as well as over $1,000 in prizes on the Subscriber wheel! It is a great cause to help children in the hospital have all the gaming essentials they need!

You can join my Discord HERE and join a giveaway for free! Immortal Gods is now recruiting! If you are an elite Champion player, feel free to send me a message on Discord! You need a 60% win rate for brawls and you can check yours HERE. We also have giveaways in the Discord for all Discord members and another bonus giveaway channel for Immortal Gods members only. You can also put a clip from my stream in there and if it gets a lot of views, I will send out random SPS to the player who clipped it. I hope to see you all on Wednesday's charity stream at 5:00 PM EST on Twitch

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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Hi @clove71,
im a newcomer to this game and i was wondering if you could help and give me some pointers to win some more battles. Currently im in bronze 3 trying to get to bronze 2.


I can't believe how lucky you are to open the cards packs !!!!!


Wow awesome! Congrats for this nice valueble card. 🎉


That is awesome!!! Congratulations! It is a really good investment!