My New Splinterlands Trailer & Weekly LIVE Tournaments Schedule! Win a Zip Bug NFT!


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Hello everyone! I'm so excited for you all to see the new amazing trailer that Graphic Designer @ty2nicerva made for me! I love it! I am so excited about it, it definitely gets me hype! I feel like I am going into a huge Splinterlands battle when I watch it, LOL! Thank you so much to @ty2nicerva in Splinterlands, he is goodtrouble#3924 in Discord, and Sounds of the Cypher on Twitch. I created 3 big Splinterlands Tournaments for this week from SPS I earned from staking SPS!! Fierce Friday has a bonus prize from Zip Bugs! The top 7 will win a Zip Bug Splinter-themed NFT! Read all about it below.

Join the Monday Madness Bronze League Tournament HERE and meet me at 6:00 PM EST on Twitch! War Zone Wednesday is a Novice Tournament you can join HERE and make sure you check-in 15 minutes prior to start time or Splinterlands will eliminate you at 6:00 PM EST when it starts. Immortal Gods Guilds are now Recruiting! DM clove71#5266 in Discord! Let's Go!

Fierce Friday is looking amazing as we have the great ZipBug NFT's going out to the top 7 players in the tournament! You can check them out HERE and check out the Splinter themed elemental collection HERE

$150 in SPS Prizes!
2021-10-03 (9).png

$151 in SPS Prizes!
2021-10-03 (8).png

$127 in SPS Prizes and the top 7 players win a Zip Bug!
2021-10-03 (10).png

This is a cute Zip Bug I like but I also show you the Splinterlands Themed Splinter Zip bugs below! Win one if you place in the top 7 in the Fierce Friday Tournament for Silver League players and also $127 in SPS awarded!

ZIPimage0 (2).jpg

I will be LIVE streaming this Fierce Friday Tournament on Twitch at 6:00 PM EST. Join it HERE This tournament will be held on Oct. 9th Live Streamed on TWITCH with Giveaways! HERE for this Silver League Tournament where the winners who place in the middle are the winners! We will play Marbles in between rounds with SPS & Wheel Prize winners! Please check-in 15 minutes before start time, then meet me on Twitch! If you don't win in the tournament, you might win some SPS or a prize in the live stream!

The top 7 players will also win an Elemental Splinterlands Splinter Themed NFT Art from Zip Bugs! View them HERE Join his Discord to claim your NFT HERE

For Fierce Friday's Tournament JOIN HERE the top 7 players win a ZipBug Splinterlands Splinter Themed NFT! Faz is a great Artist, check out the Zip Bugs below, give them a follow on Twitter and join their Discord! Zip Bugs are awesome, I love them! Faz made the various Splinterlands elements-themed NFT's! View them below! The top 7 players in Friday's Fierce Friday will win one! Please join their Discord and learn all about crypto! If you place in the top 7 n Friday and win an NFT on Friday, ask for FAZ#1701 in their Discord and he will send it to you after verifying you won! Also, please follow them on Twitter HERE Join their Discord HERE and ask for Faz#1701.

Faz has an NFT trophy set he called them the "Elementals" set is actually a homage to a Magic the Gathering card. He is a longtime MTG player! In Faz's Crypto Academy, he teaches people about crypto! All of his students received this ZipBug NFT here:

Airdropsunknown (10).png

Faz is a longtime MTG player and his NFT trophy set he calls Elementals is actually an homage to a Magic the Gathering card.



Zip 5water_it8.jpg






Immortal Gods Guilds are now Recruiting! DM clove71#5266 in Discord! Let's Go!

Immortal Gods Guilds are now Recruiting! DM clove71#5266 in Discord! Let's Go!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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Love the trailer and it should attract quite some new players to the game.
Great job!


This looks pretty cool! I am going for one of those top 7 spots for the free NFT! Those look sick!


Oh dear, there's a link broken. (see pic) Yet it's no other link then the "HERE" is the sentence before, is it? I hope I can join your tournaments. It's at midnight over here, so I may prefer to meet the night with my family instead of gaming. But we'll never know whether I'm going to stay or be wake again and then for sure I'll meet you there. It's in my calendar at the least. Especially for your birthday tourney!