My Hot Take on Splinterland's New Reward Cards


Before we begin any further I do want to mention that although I am a Splinterlands moderator and tech-support member, all of the below are my opinions as a player and are just speculation. Basically, what I say here has little to no effect on the final result and therefore is NFA.

Alright now with that disclaimer out of the way, we can get onto the juicy part of this post. As many of the discord roaming people know, as a new reward system is going to be implemented, new reward cards are coming out soon as well. Splinterlands just released the new card information yesterday for the mavericks to beta test on the test server. Remember that none of these stats are final.

After the release, I made a tierlist and discussed with a few people on how the new cards are going to affect the meta. After that discussion I've decided to share with the community outside discord my thoughts on these new cards as well as the tierlist. Feel free to disagree and discuss your own thoughts in the comment section!


(Made by me, feel free to use the template to share: )

my-image (1).png

Gonna Get Nerfed (SSS)

Before I begin this tier, reminder that these are just my thoughts and Splinterlands may not nerf the cards.
This tier is for cards I think will break the game in a sense that they are just way too powerful.



8 mana for this monster is just way too little. Not only is she super good with Zaku, and therefore indirectly buffing an already OP summoner, she has speed up which covers zaku team's primary weakness. Additionally, she herself cannot be picked off with sneak or snipe or opportunity since she has the camo ability. The only way she can die while in the backline is via blast and return fire. However, she is not easy to kill at all since with Zaku, she can potentially gain 7 health per round via life leech. Basically after round 1, expect her to have a max HP of 11. Good luck picking her off.



At first glance, the only thing working in his favor is the insanely high attack matching his low 7 mana cost and the bloodlust ability. However what truly makes him broken is the fact that he is basically unstoppable in the right rulesets whether it is reverse speed, melee mayhem, close up and personal, equalizer, or heck even weak magic! True strike means he can never miss and piercing means that you can't stop him with armor. He is a menace even at lower leagues with the same damage output as a MAXED grum yet costing 4 less mana.
Truly a beast if you know how to play him well.



I don't think too much needs to be said about this guy. 2 mana for a base 3 attack, 3 speed, 3 health guy. But that's not all, scavenge increases his survivability by a ton, dodge makes him super hard to hit, and enraged makes him do 5 damage and have 6 speed. Oh and did I mention he is only a rare?

Meta Changing (SS)

Though they won't break the game on their own, they are still very powerful and are just under the SSS tier in terms of viability and potential usage rates.



Most water teams in the higher leagues consist of magic spam that water has practically become synonymous with magic. However the new addition of this 4 mana 3 attack life leech snare monster could change this. His 4 mana cost makes him very very accessible even in little league. His life leech skill will make him a tank once he reaches the front considering that he gains 2 health every time he hits an enemy's health. Cripple and snare are also super nice additions but they aren't as meta changing as his other stats.



Death just got a pretty strong support card which will be for sure a great power boost to the splinter as a whole. This card synergizes very well with Djinn Muirat, a legendary CL card with knockout though it would be much better in reverse speed due to the move order. Additionally, this card has the new ability forcefield, therefore mitigating any non-direct damage. This means that he is immune to blast and so would be a good candidate in second position. Immunity also makes this monster the go to choice in poison battles. And remember, all this for only 4 mana!

Staples (S)

Though not as powerful as the previous two tiers, I predict that these will be widely used by those who own them and sought after by those who don't.



As the price of cheap low mana earth tanks rise up, such as failed summoner, this more offensive version will definitely be sought after by many. Hard to hit, medium amounts of health and 3 damage for only 3 mana makes this a very good pick, either for little league or for low mana matches. Should also be picked over failed summoner in rulesets such as earthquake and no magic.



In a new era where Zaku is going to used much more than it already is, a 3 mana 3 damage reach unit with reflection shield is going to probably be used more than other water reachers such as Giant Squid. True strike is also a nice addition.



Yea another Zaku speedy blaster that ignores taunt due to its ability to scattershot. Only for 5 mana as well. Decent enough without Zaku, absolute beast with him hence the S tier rating.

Amazing (A)

This tier is for the card that won't be used as much as a staple card would but still just as powerful when used well.



Not just a very good little leaguer that can dish out 4 damage per turn to the backlife and give affliction for those cursed llama kron team comps but can do 6 damage with summoners like daria.

Decent (B)

This is for cards which I believe are super balanced, not too overpowered and not too underpowered. It will b used once in a while and do it's job well.



A pretty balanced card that does 3 damage for 5 mana. Also has 7 health which makes it decently tanky. Additionally, its oppress ability is good against usual tanks such as Lord A or Almo. Immunity also makes it pretty viable as a damage dealer in poison rulesets.

Niche (C)

Good in certain rulesets and only in those rulesets. Even though they are good in those rulesets they aren't exceptionally good in them.



Hot Garbo (F)

Very little if any use for it. Much worse than niche monsters. I would probably dump this card if it stayed like this.



3 HP, for 2 mana and it's only use is support. Waste of a monster space and 2 mana since slow and amplify are held by many other better monsters. If it had 1 ranged or 1 magic attack, it would be a lot better but since it has 1 melee attack it will not be able to directly contribute to the battle. Pretty sure this will be buffed especially since it is totally useless until level 3 and 4.


That concludes our tierlist and explanation. Again feel free to disagree with my opinions and share your own in the comment section. Remember that there will very likely be changes and that this is all not financial advice. However, since they are very likely not going to completely change these cards, we can better plan our potential meta teams and invest in cards we think will rise.

Thanks for reading and as always, BATTLE ON!


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Great information! Thanks a lot


Nice post! I almost completely agree with your list, with the only exception being the Dhampir Infiltrator.

I think it's going to be more impactful, as its stats are really good and Sneak is very strong in lower mana games. Having Affliction on a Sneak monster also directly counters Triage and because it has Double Strike it should hit the Affliction very easily.


I see where you are coming from but there are popular cards which counter her really easily such as mylor. In fact, she'll take 4 damage after turn 1 due to thorns and that squishiness that even 3 mana cost sneak cards don't have is what made her A tier instead of a higher tier.


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