Splinterlands | Aimless Battle Challenge

From here on out there will alwyas be rule sets highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge for Splinterlands. This is the Aimless rule.

The aimless ruleset is one of the newer ones which still makes it one that I'm figuring out how to best play it. What is does is giving each of the monsters the Scattershot ability which randomly hits monsters and bypasses the Taunt and Camouflage Abilities. The Aimles s Ruleset makes Blast ability stronger since it's bound to hit more monsters, the Martyr ability also is interesting when placed next to monsters that have multiple attacks and also some armor. This ability also allows you to play a tank that isn't the strongest as damage never really will be aimed toward it.

While I wanted to use at least 1 card with the Martyr ability, the rule where only monsters with even mana prevented this. I opted for the fast Venari Knifer which usually isn't good enough as a main tank but the extra protection makes it suited. In the 2nd place, I played the Oaken Behemoth since it's sure to hit the enemy 1st place tank while it benefits from the +1 Magic Damage that the summoner gives. I always like the Failed Summoner in the life team since it has good health and really helps to lower the damage output of the enemy. The Spirit Miner always is a must-play card in a Magic Damage-centered bet and so are the Goblin Psychic and the Queen Mycelia

I had 81% chance for a win according to Splintertools and I did learn in this match that Magic damage from a monster that also has melee attack and the sneak ability is random when having the scattershot ability while the melee damage still aways hit the enemy tank.

Full Battle Replay

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