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This time around it's a strong Epic Chaos Legion card that is highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge for Splinterlands. This is the Nerissa Tridawn...

The Nerissa Tridawn is just one of those overall strong cards that can't be looked passed in many higher mana games. The mana cost doesn't really matter much in these and it has a decent amount of health, ok speed, and a really powerful attack. Especially in the ruleset where no abilities can be used, Magic is pretty strong and it works well combined with Arlic Stormbringer giving it a total of 5 magic damage which is I believe most in the game. There is not that much else to say about it and this challenge was a good time for me to finally get it from level 3 to level 4 which gives 1 attack extra which is pretty big. Some other cards like the Legendary Summoners and the Wave Brood went up quite a bit in price recently. The Nerissa Tridawn at 1.45$ still is quite affordable as getting a card like this in a 4$ pack pretty much feels like a small jackpot. It is also hard to get enough Epic or Legendary cards from opening packs to get them to a higher level which at some point will make more players hit the card market.

So I bought 10 more copies paying a total of 20181 DEC that I earned from rentals to get it. Right now it's quite easy to reinvest earnings into the game as I'm highly enjoying playing. The new introduction of having 3 rulesets makes everything quite fresh again and works great for players like me who have pretty wide collections.

Both my opponent and I used the Nerissa Tridawn in a 99 Mana battle where only the Water Splinter could be used. I opted to use my Possibilus The Wise Summoner and we both had The Kraken available as main tank. I followed it up with Arkemis The Bear which got the reach ability. I also used a Runi and the inevitable Deeplurker, in the back I played the Nerissa Tridawn and the Cornealus for a total mana use of 61

My opponent however had higher-level cards and just made an excellent deck with them giving me little to no chance to win this matchup. When looking back using Splintertools.io however, I learned that could have made a better deck that had 95% of winning if I balanced it more also including anti-magic with the Ruler Of The Seas also placing mt Runi in a lower spot. So for sure I learned something new today and I can recommend everyone to have a look at splintertools which I wrote an article about earlier this week (Link). Basically the Ruler Of The Seas is the first card to put on in your deck in pretty much every water team!

Full Battle Replay

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