Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.038468 SPT for pablodare/free-splinterlands-giveaway-daily--pizza-regalo-gratis-de-splinterlands-diario--pizza-83
Curation reward: 0.054749 SPT for cryptollamatv/re-cpol-kw85ez9g
Staked 0.192026 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.027453 SPT for cryptoph0823/selling-my-vouchers-to-get
Curation reward: 0.051790 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-105
Curation reward: 0.112783 SPT for walkingkeys/packs-packs-pack
Staked 0.007298 SPT to cpol
Author reward: 0.007298 SPT for cpol/r2uyox
Staked 0.20238 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.029040 SPT for splinterdany/uihckzfz
Curation reward: 0.028030 SPT for clove71/kxzkdlim
Curation reward: 0.031437 SPT for kotenoke/re-psyberx-kw6uaid4
Curation reward: 0.036979 SPT for achim03/tnpaerwl
Curation reward: 0.044707 SPT for pablodare/free-splinterlands-giveaway-daily--pizza-regalo-gratis-de-splinterlands-diario--pizza-82
Curation reward: 0.032187 SPT for gameboyali/a-poem-about-how-i-got-into-splinterlands
Staked 0.113687 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.056708 SPT for mhowii/r2tha2
Curation reward: 0.056979 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-104
Staked 0.421189 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.421189 SPT for earaya/re-splinterdany-r2suyw
Staked 0.236158 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.031398 SPT for kotenoke/splinterlands-giveaway-24
Curation reward: 0.027678 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-weekly-curation-challange-november-18-2021
Curation reward: 0.177082 SPT for luthien12/defeating-llama-kron-golem
Staked 0.041752 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.041752 SPT for myfreebtc/accumulating-sps-giveaway-2-x-chain-spinner-or-2-sbi
Staked 0.035597 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.035597 SPT for pablodare/free-splinterlands-giveaway-daily--pizza-regalo-gratis-de-splinterlands-diario--pizza-81
Staked 1.439616 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.028376 SPT for thebusycat/noobs-talk-rental-giveaway-winners
Curation reward: 0.058270 SPT for luizeba/stone-golem-mylor-crowling-easy
Curation reward: 0.045952 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-103
Curation reward: 1.066620 SPT for mhowii/vsqoecba
Curation reward: 0.240398 SPT for mhowii/dlzftavo
Staked 0.421792 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.057768 SPT for technocrypton/r2qbz7
Curation reward: 0.029313 SPT for pablodare/free-splinterlands-giveaway-daily--pizza-regalo-gratis-de-splinterlands-diario--pizza-80
Curation reward: 0.059910 SPT for technocrypton/splinterlands-rare-card-giveaway-1
Curation reward: 0.028779 SPT for cryptollamatv/sqxtjuhx
Curation reward: 0.107629 SPT for luthien12/nbvyulhp
Curation reward: 0.041635 SPT for gameboyali/splinterstats-season-61-report-card
Curation reward: 0.029598 SPT for thebusycat/noobs-talk-a-new-season-and-a-rental-giveaway
Curation reward: 0.029900 SPT for achim03/drsigehh
Curation reward: 0.037260 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-102
Staked 0.12859 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.028984 SPT for splinterdany/dpzuhjvn
Curation reward: 0.039933 SPT for gregory-f/splinterlands-blast-from-the-past-reward-card-giveaway-21
Curation reward: 0.030247 SPT for kotenoke/splinterlands-giveaway-23
Curation reward: 0.029426 SPT for costanza/splinterlands-or-calculated-reward-chest-value-1000-chests
Staked 0.115054 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.045544 SPT for pablodare/free-splinterlands-giveaway-daily--pizza-regalo-gratis-de-splinterlands-diario--pizza-78
Curation reward: 0.030692 SPT for rentmoney/all-the-hive-dollars-this-topic-generates-is-yours-week-tweenty-five
Curation reward: 0.038818 SPT for kryptodenno/dennos-splinterlands-giveaway-3-monsters-a-day-101
Staked 5.377326 SPT to cpol
Curation reward: 0.029820 SPT for splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-stone-golem
Curation reward: 0.059429 SPT for darmst5339/re-cpol-20211115t182556499z
Author reward: 0.031351 SPT for cpol/r2n1j3
Curation reward: 0.075164 SPT for darmst5339/splinterlands-season-end-renting-is-paying-off-rewarded-gold-epic-djinn-chwala
Author reward: 4.945561 SPT for cpol/reporte-semanal-07-el-caos-inminente
Curation reward: 0.030537 SPT for kennysgaminglife/human-or-bot-318-rewards-chests
Curation reward: 0.092208 SPT for luthien12/splinterlands-art-contest-week-163-byzantinist-housekitty
Curation reward: 0.116222 SPT for walkingkeys/why-i-m-buying-and-staking-more-sps
Curation reward: 0.026854 SPT for achim03/dyfbdrah
Staked 0.685773 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.206321 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.072012 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.08802 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.256494 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.083417 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.031342 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.097791 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.342186 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.244657 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.159736 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.088668 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.061551 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.115454 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.023199 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.20696 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.026152 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.26784 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.361055 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.023705 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.133372 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.039569 SPT to cpol
Staked 88.811415 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.179611 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.111497 SPT to cpol
Staked 7.22964 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.050282 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.026899 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.215028 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.070047 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.026727 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.629386 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.553795 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.076766 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.08299 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.25222 SPT to cpol
Staked 0.067801 SPT to cpol