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Yeah the reward drop rate of cards changed since the new reward cards were released on Monday. Thats why you probably didn't get much of anything before when you opened your rewards chests. Time to strap on those boots and play more, everything in the real world can wait, because opportunity doesn't wait for nobody :P Good post, you received some really nice cards. Honestly, what caught my attention was the cat sleeping on the keyboard, thats some funny stuff, I lol'd a bit. Is that your cat?

Anyways, have good fights and findings in Splinterlands! Much !LUV and !PIZZA :)



He he! No, it was just a cat GIF. However, my real life cat, Timmy, would LOVE to do what this one is doing 😹He's made some appearances in quite a few videos in the past!

I was able to buy a card today so hopefully it will bring me some better fought battles in the future lol...I am definitely NOT the best player, but if you ever need comic relief or root for the underdog as I do, then this is the place to be! 😃

I hope your battling is fruitful & as you said, lace up the boots & keep on kicking butt! It is a great outlet he he...

Thanks so much for your kind words & stopping by!

and have a little !WINE too 💚