Rising Star Game (day 17) and choice of investment in HIVE Economy


Rising Star Game (Day 17)
Level 22 (+1)
Skill 398->461
Permanent ego 134->142

Goal: Level 50 => 49.491 XP to go

I think I might focus on the level until level 50

Yesterday, I just realized that I still have some deposit on Tokenomy >< I even forgot some of my money in here.
I got 12 TEN as earnings of my deposit. In these 3 months, TEN is getting bullish so it's still decreasing ^^" Such bad luck for me. After the day is changed to September 5th, 2021, I tried to convert all of my TEN tokens to investment in the Hive economy. So, there's a little bit hard convert and I tried to make it as a good trade as possible.
Convert process:
TEN (Tokenomy) -> BTC (Tokenomy) -> TRX (Tokenomy) -> TRX (Tokocrypto) -> USDT (Tokocrypto) -> HIVE (Tokocrypto) -> HIVE (Hive Keychain)

Now I have around 100+ HIVE tokens in my wallet. There are 4 options that I can invest in:

  1. Splinterlands, HIVE -> SWAP.HIVE -> DEC as Airdrop points
  2. Rising Star Game, HIVE -> SWAP.HIVE -> STARBITS to buy packs
  3. Liotes Energy, HIVE -> SWAP.HIVE -> LENM Token as LEN producer
  4. Power up, HIVE -> HIVE Power

Splinterlands is a good choice as airdrop points and good APR, but I think it's already in a good amount for now. I don't want to put all of my money in one place.

Rising Star Game is a good game and gets a big APR too if I am already in level 50. So, I think leveling up will be the best choice.

Powering up... little APR and safe investment... Interesting, but I think just my blog is enough, for now. ^^" Thank you to my delegators and readers who support me in this blogging activity. Appreciated!

The last but not least, Liotes Energy. I already spoke up about this on Day 14. Compared to others, it has a normal APR and a good future. So, I think I'll give it a try first. Staked 20 LENM Token equal 100 SWAP.HIVE to Hive-engine.
Hope it will be a really big future for this LEN and LENM. I'll be waiting for this project to grow.

There are so many HIVE dApps that I'd already seen before. like CryptoBrewMaster (CBM), fishmaster, dCrops, dCity, and many more. But, just these 3 are catching my eyes now. I'm already in CBM too but I still need to learn how it works first.
~That's all for today post~

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Have a nice day~


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