Land News, Promo Card & Other Improvements - Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 13 Report Card



I'm feeling very positive about Splinterlands now! My performance was good. What devs released was really good. I can be optimistic about future. All this is while markets are getting really tough.

Promo Looks Solid

I might actually buy some of these when it hit market at cheap enough rates. It's going to $0.16/BCX

Not bad - but could be better. I'll wait a bit and see :)

Land Strategy

Announcement is already here. Town Hall added more details. There's good reasons to spread Land claims around. There's good reasons to claim them all at 1 place. It's best to balance. At least that'l be the strategy I use.

I don't have much Land. I'll try my best to do something with what I have :)

Reward Claim Issue Fixed

I can actually claim it now. It used to have a 28 day timer!!! How did it even happen. I was wondering if people were claiming too much at 1st. but this is Hive. Free Tx with high scalability is kind of our thing. It was probably a bug somewhere.

It's back as usual. Claiming can happen every 23 hours. This is the way!

Match Report


Diamond Rank986
Rating2841 - Diamond III
Rating High2841
Ratio (Win/Loss)1.00 (202/202)
Longest Streak10

Am I Happy?

I made a really good improvement over past seasons. Actually made it till Diamond League!!! It's been some time since I went that far. So it was really nice. I'm even earning Diamond Chests for rewards this Season. I'm also not stuck playing Silver League for the 1st few days.

All those things are really good stuff for performance. I'll try to keep it up :)

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard42890
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲Token
Legendary Potions7657133🟡 5320
Alchemy Potions4959108🟡 5400
DEC00-🟣 0
SPS28.79731.083-⭐ 59.880
Merits1456432-🎀 1888
CHAOS Packs314🟡 16000
Cards (Total)212142🟣 890

Captured DEC/SPS (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned
202🟣 0 + ⭐88.199

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 890 DEC
🟡 26720 CREDITS
⭐ 148.079 SPS

Got a Legendary Fire Monster at end of season. She's getting listed for rent:

🟣 Rental Report

Expenses (inc. fees)(424.758)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

Speaking of rent.... not my best numbers. But it's a bear market. Let's worry about tech. Price should not be something to worry about. I'd say there's too much focus on crypto price. That's not the important part.

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount Claimed
Staking Rewards388.929
NET SPS388.929
+ Voucher Drops31.548 🎟️

Speaking of price.... SPS didn't do well. But it's getting me 24.21% APR. There's GLX rewards on top of that. You can compound that with GLX staking that give more GLX & GLGT. Accumulate more crypto. Trade if you want. But keep your eyes on the far long term. That'll save you lots of mental agony.

Trust me! Worrying about prices isn't worth it. If you have to sell some crypto - that's fine too. Just try to buy back before next bull. I've got something for you guys!

We're getting hit hard. It's fine. We'll make out of this winter alive. Keep that in mind!

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