Announcing SplinterStats Season Report Card

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Introducing SplinterStats Season Report Cards

For those who haven't been following along with @splinterstats and my (@kiokizz) Splinterlands Statistics, welcome. Currently available is my Rewards Cards page, Cards By League Cap and this blog (@splinterstats) which posts daily and monthly statistics on Mystery Potions.

Today I would like to introduce you to the Splinter Stats Season Report Card. The report card is a free, once each season tool, which provides players a template to reflect on and share their Ranked Performance, overall card usage statistics and a summary of their rewards for the season. The report is under incremental development, so expect some things to change or look different each season when you come back to produce your report. Hopefully most bugs have been found (thanks to @mattclarke & @jacekw), though if you notice something that looks unusual, please join our Discord server and let me know in #report-card.


More features will be released in the future, with the following on the #ComingSometime'Soon' list (no hard timelines to share at this stage:

  • Mystery Potion Report
  • Tournament Report
  • Cards Report
    • Combines
    • Burns
    • Bought/Sold
  • ...

Generating your Season Report Card

Before you start, you will need to make sure you have Hive Keychain installed and have the posting key for your Splinterlands Hive account imported. Having trouble finding your Hive positing key? Head to the Official Splinterlands Discord and ask for assistance.


After entering your username in the form and clicking Generate, you will be prompted by Hive Keychain to verify you are who you say you are.


This will be followed by a few messages on the right hand column which update to let you know things are happening in the background.


Depending on how active you've been playing, these messages should continue for less than a minute in most cases. You should then be presenting with your report template.


At this stage take some time for some serious reflection. But don't forget to write some comments! Take your notes, reflect on your performance this season, one of your most challenging battles won (see Performance: Highest Rated Win vs). This is also a good opportunity to check which summoners you favour and if they've been winning their keep:


Then again with your monsters:



(and corresponding notes)


Last, but not least, is a section reporting your rewards for the season. This may be useful for players who keep track of their earnings.


By now you should be all set ready to post.


Posting to Hive

It's important to consider what sort of tags to use in your post. By default your post will include #SplinterStats and #spt. This will make your post eligible for Splintertalk Tribe (SPT) tokens in addition to HIVE/HBD Rewards which can be earnt from posting quality content to the Hive Blockchain.

Other tags which may be appropriate:

  • Palnet: The Palnet community is a general topic forum where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed.
  • Neoxian: The Neoxian community is a general topic forum where nearly all sorts of posts are allowed.
  • Leofinance: The Leo Finance community where you write about anything that is related to crypto & finance.

After you have entered all your tags (ensuring your post meets the criteria above for each one) you can go ahead and Click 'Post'.



After confirming the transaction with Hive Keychain, you're all done! Consider visiting to read others posts.

#Any troubles?

Had any issues making your post? Save a copy of your template comments in case you lose them, then join our Discord Server and let us know what your issue is.


I have been enjoying your statistics for some time now. Thank you for providing this extra service. It i very insightful.

Thanks :) Looking forward to seeing your report card.

Really an amazing tool, thanks for developing and sharing it.


Love it. I've already learned a heap from running mine; and I'll be making it part of my end of season process.
Comparing them from season to season and refining my game. Thanks, mate.


Please, use the template yourself and show us this type of post (published as it is).
Thank you!

Hello. If you'd like to see a few examples have a look here:

You can view mine (I don't play on @splinterstats) that I posted as a test (prior to a few bug fixes) and alterations here:

Ahh, this last one
I meant to add into the post text at last as:
"Here is my own practical example "

Great tool.
I really wanted this analysis as I need to look more seriously at my deck and upgrade strategically to get to higher levels.

😎 It provides a different look at things than we normally get in our Battle Log. Glad you like it.

This is awesome work! Thank you!


Great! This feature is interesting... thanks for sharing

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Great tool. I'll be adding to my analytic toolbox! Now I can see how I have been performing (or not) each season. Thanks for this.


You have an analytical toolbox? 👌

This is such a great service @kiokizz I might get some nice insights out of this.


awesome! Thanks!


Awesome info as always!!! An upvote is on the way for you!

Thanks 👍

Looking forward to reading your report card (if you use it to make a post) and any feedback :)

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