Damour's weekly breakdown of the Battle mage secrets

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Damour's weekly breakdown of the Battle mage secrets


RULESET: Equal Opportunity

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All units gain the Opportunity ability which allows them to attack the unit with the lowest health on the enemy team.

  • Speed and HP is the trick here
  • Higher speed will let you target enemy's low HP monster first, opening the way for your slower monsters to deal damage to higher HP enemy monsters.
  • Keep lower HP monsters as a trap to keep your other monsters doing damage
  • Monsters who have two attack types should always be preferred.

Ruleset Nerfs

Rulesets that don't supportReasons
Equalizer.pngEqualizerTakes away the ability of targeting the lowest health monster as everyone has the same health.
Unprotected.pngUnprotectedTakes away any armor protection.

Ruleset Buffs

Rulesets that supportReasons
Briar Patch.pngBriar PatchParticularly painful for if your opponent goes with melee line up
Lost Magic.pngLost MagicYou know your opponent will not be using magic and can plan to counter range and melee monsters
Keep your distance.pngKeep your distanceThis also prevents your opponent from using any sneaky melee tactics against you. Magic and Range is still an option here plan to counter those.


Monsters breakdown

double strike.pngDouble strike
More damage per turn if your opponent has not deployed anti melee tactics like thorns.
If you can create a trap for your opponent to target a monster with thorns only melee affected though so there is always the risk your opponent goes with range or magic.
This gets your opponent to focus fire on one particular monster make sure to bring sustain in the form of Triage or Repair to ensure your monster stays healthy.
This allows you to take extra hits to protect those low health monsters that are being targeted especially on those trap monsters you are setting up.
This will counter any armor / void armor play your opponent can deploy.



Headwinds + Silence + Demoralize
Any of these will help in reducing your opponents damage output.

Devider Red flashing lights.gif

Summoners breakdown

Summoners buffsReasons
Grandmaster RatheGiving everyone void armor can be particularly difficult to get through regardless of the damage type.
KelyaSpeed is a great way to get your damage in first and armor allows you to survive a little bit longer.
Lux VegaSpeed is a great way to get your damage in first and armor allows you to survive a little bit longer.
ImmortalisGiving everyone shatter can be painful for opponents who have gone with armor plays.
Summoners nerfsReasons
NoneCan't really think of summoner with a disadvantage.

If you can think of any please let me know.

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Without further delay lets dig into a battle to see some of our recommendations in action.


Our opponent has gone with a mixed damage team of range and melee with the Tarsa summoner. As you can see our placement is a tank card with heal upfront and a second tank as Uriel. Our back line is a good mix of melee and magic. I was totally outclassed by more damage from my opponents double damage + double strike monster with extra damage from Lava launcher and Countess Sinash.



Together we thrive Kapamilya

Damour the merrier
See you all out in the Splinterverse.

Images provided by Splinterlands in game and via Weekly Battle Mage Challenge post.

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