RE: Riftwatchers: Success, debrief, request, proposal, and future sale plans


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I have been fortunate to catch each new sale since I started my Splinterlands journey back in August 2021 so I am posting this not out of personal preference but from standpoint of what I think would be a fair approach for all (I know people that have missed out on various sales).

I fully appreciate what you are trying to achieve and while the 3min window will help many, I think the approach can be improved further to truly give everyone who wants to take part in the presale the opportunity to do so.

The best approach would be to give people the option to "pre-load" their funds/vouchers in say the 24 hours immediately prior to the presale going live and these purchases would instantly complete when the sale starts, without the buyer needing to be around. This is however a more technically complex solution when perhaps a simple approach would suffice...

Just extend the 3 min window to 12 or 24 hours - the issue with 3mins is that it will likely fall during the night for some people and could easily happen while someone is at a key appointment that cannot be moved (for example; a funeral, a doctors app or a key meeting at work). Giving people a larger window of time like this would all that can be reasonably be expected of you?

I know from a sales perspective selling out in 2mins looks good but even with the larger window you can still say you have sold out within the same timeframe just that you honour buys with presale bonuses for a longer duration (I can't really see what the downside of an extended window is).

Thanks for taking the time to read.