Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 156 // Ice Pixie x Elsa

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Ice Pixie x Elsa

Hi guys! This is my very first post and I am excited to share with you my entry for Splinterlands Arts Contest for Week 156 entitled **"Ice Pixie x Elsa" **which is a crossover between Splinterlands and Frozen - a Walt Disney computer-animated fantasy film wherein one of the main characters is Elsa, who has the power to control Ice and Snow.

Medium and Software:

  • Mobile Phone : Realme XT
  • ibixPaint X

Step by Step:

Here is the step-by-step process on how I made Ice Pixie x Elsa digital art:

  • The first thing I did was to search for references that will be used for my artwork which will be included at the end of this post.
  • Next step was to draw the body by which I think will be appropriate for my work.  " "Untitled50_20211002095224.png""
  • After that, I started working with the head, starting with eyes, nose, mouth and ears including hair.  " "Untitled50_20211002095329.png""
  • Then I starting working with the outline of clothes, making sure it is as close to the original clothes of Ice Pixie. This is kind of a little tricky since the I'm not quite sure if my interpretations of its clothes were correct.  " "Untitled50_20211002095351.png""
  • After all guides and outlines were created, I immediately proceed to adding colors to my artwork. I started off with the head and arms since they are of the same range of colors.  " "Untitled50_20211002095653.png""
  • Then I added colors for the clothes based on my interpretation of the Ice Pixie's clothes. There were minor changes since I have to adjust some details to what I believe will fit my work.  " "Untitled50_20211002095820.png""
  • Wings! Well, who wouldn't love them? That said though, I believe I could have done better with this.  " "Untitled50_20211002095915.png""
  • Then I drew and added a background image, inspired from the background image when displaying water element monster cards while using browser.  " "Untitled50_20211002100022.png""
  • Then after adding some more details, effects, and final touches, **"Ice Pixie x Elsa" **is now ready to be posted!  " "Untitled51_20211002101046.png""

I hope you like this guys! I am new to the game I've playing for only about three (3) weeks yet. I'm planning on submitting entries for the weekly contest as much as I can with the same theme as this one depending on how much positive feedback this **"Ice Pixie x Elsa" **will gain. I'm thinking of more animated-film crossovers and anime crossovers if possible. What do you think guys? You may also suggest if you have something in mind and I will try to work it out! I will be happy to hear from you guys!

That's it for now. See you on the next one!

Image reference:






 "images (15).jpeg"



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