Splinterlands - How to download Game Currency Activity

I really enjoy playing Splinterlands and with the Play2Earn aspects I wonder if I am actually earning anything. I had started tracking my earnings manually to see what and how much I was earning.

This was takes up time that I would rather use playing the game.

Currency Activity

When I was looking around in game, I noticed the menu item "Currency Activity" in the dropdown when clicking on my name.

Dropdown Menu.PNG

When I was playing around with this menu, I noticed the download button on the right hand side so I gave it a try and boy I was surprised at all the information that is available.

Currency Activity download.PNG

Download Options

There are several options for downloading your Splinterlands currency activity.

  • Full year
    • 2022 Statement
    • 2021 Statement
  • Export Custom History

Several download options.PNG

Custom History

I gave it a try and used the export custom history to download the month of June data.

download full month June.PNG

The download is in csv format so I placed it in Excel and made it a table so that I could review the data.

Data made into Excel table.PNG

I then created a pivot table selecting only the DEC token with the date in rows and the "dec_reward" as column.

I can now see how much I earned from my ranked matches by day without keeping track of it manually.

Pivot table filter by token type column date row.PNG

I hope this helps others save time and do not waste time tracking their earnings manually.

If you have not started playing this exciting Play2Earn game, you should start. Here is my link to sign up:

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