Splinterlands - Share Your Battle Challenge - FLYING SQUID

Out in the depths of the Oceans, there is a monster that most fear to encounter. It is the Flying Squid.

Actually the squid cannot fly but it launches itself into the air and glides above the water for long distances. They shot ink in the eyes of their prey blinding them before attacking them with their long tentacles.

This week's Splinterland Share Your Battle Challenge is "Flying Squid".

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Flying Squid

The Flying Squid has the reach ability so can easily attack from the second position. The Mana cost is high at 7 so is no at beneficial to use in low mana matches. But with 2 Melee attack, 3 Speed and 8 Health, it can last for a while in most matches.

I have a gold version of this monster so the melee attack is increased to 3.

Gold card.PNG

Flying Squid Lore.PNG

Match Rules Sets

Mana Cap: 34
Rule Set: Healed Out and Explosive Weaponry
Splinter: Water, Life or Death available - selected Water

Summoner: Kelya Frendul. Water Summoner with two abilities - +1 speed and +1 armor.

Tank: Serpent of El with the Dodge ability has an increased change of evading melee and ranged attackers. This is very important in the Explosive Weaponry ruleset. It reduces the damage received by your second position monster.

Second Position: Flying Squid. This is a perfect monster to work with the Serpent of El. The reach ability helps damage the opponents tank and also with the explosive weaponry ruleset, the second position monster as well. With an attack of 3 melee, the explosive weaponry deals a damage of 2 when it explodes on the second monster.

Third Position: Deeplurker. This monster with the opportunity ability can pick off my opponents lowest health monsters.

Fourth Position: Feasting Seaweed. Another monster with the opportunity ability. By having two monster with this ability, they should be able to kill off at least one of my opponents back line during each round.

Fifth Position: Ice Pixie. I always try to have at least one monster with magic attack so that I can get under any shield.

Final Position: Kulu Swinhunter. This monster has both speed and health so should be able to last a few rounds protecting the back of the line.

Starting Lineup - Peakmonsters tournament.PNG

I love playing in tournaments. This match is from PKM CP Delegation Tournament hosted by @peakmonsters

If you have never entered one of their tournaments, you should check them out.

tournament details.PNG

Here is the battle link:

Did It Work?

I was very surprised that it worked when I saw the summoner my opponent used in the match giving Holy Protection to all of their monsters.

It was back and forth for a few rounds but then my team was able to prevail and win the match.

If you have not started playing this exciting Play2Earn game, you should start. Here is my link to sign up:

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Nice job winning the battle. Only one miss against Serpent of Eld that I saw.


Yes, it was a good match. I advanced to the second round in this tournament so I need to get all of those matches entered. Take care.