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Hill Giant Lore
Hill Giants live in the Talus Bluffs on the outskirts of the volcano known as the Mountain of Ash. They are nomadic people that travel from hilltop to hilltop following herds of deer and cattle. Though they are intimidating, Hill Giants are typically far more inquisitive of other cultures and seek to learn from them rather than attack. (Source: Splinterlands game)

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Hill Giant

The Hill giant is a low mana monster only costing 3. It is excellent to use in the Little League ruleset. It also has a high health for most low mana cards so is also very good to use in the Earthquake and Noxious Fumes rulesets.

With a Melee attack of 2, it is good as a tank in low mana battles however it has the lowest speed of all cards so could also be used well in the reverse speed ruleset.

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Match Rules Sets

Mana Cap: 29
Rule Set: Weak Magic and Noxious Fumes
Splinter: Life, Death, Earth or Dragon available - selected Dragon/Earth

Summoner: Byzantine Kitty. Dragon Summoner with three abilities - +2 speed, True Strike and Tank Heal.

Tank Buffer: Mycelic Morphoid. I choose to add a buffer in front of my Tank to absorb the first hit or two from my opponents. With the Noxious Fumes ruleset, low mana monsters will be killed at the end of the first round. Why not use the opponents attacks against your monster that will die at the end of that round anyway.

Tank: Djinn Chwala with the Thorns ability will send 2 thorn hit against any melee monster that attacks it. This will help reduce the health or armor of the monster attacking it which will make it die sooner than later in the Noxious Fumes ruleset.

Second Position: Hill Giant. With the Noxious Ruleset, you need monsters with higher health. I am using it to hopefully outlast my opponent.

Third Position: Goblin Psychic. This monster with the heal ability should help my tank last more rounds since all monster will be poisoned and loss 2 health at the end of each round.

Final Position: Xienth Monk. This monster has the self health ability so add back 2 health each round. This will work if it is not attacked and lose too much health during the round.

Starting lineups after summoner abilities added.PNG

Here is the battle Link:

Did It Work?

The lineup won against my opponent so that part did work. The Hill Giant did absorb a hit from my opponents Sneak monster which would have reduced my tank so I believe it did have a small row in the successful execution of the battle. However I think the summoner selection was had the biggest impact.

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