Dragons are considered the mightiest of opponents. Their individual abilities are are very hard to overcome but what if you have to face more than one at a time. What would happen than?

I just added the Chaos Legendary cards to my deck so do not know the best lineups to use. I had always been in the Silver League because I never had enough collection power to get into Gold. Adding the legendary cards to my deck and the fact that the Modern format has a lower collection power requirement.

I found that I had just advanced to the Gold League. Now most of my opponents have leveled up summoners that are maxed for the Gold League. And I was still working on trying to complete a Bronze deck.

What to do.......Put multiple Dragons in your Lineup? so I did and here is the result.

Share Your Battle - Cover.png

Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 99
Rule Set: Fog of War and Spreading Fury
Splinter: Life, Earth or Dragon available - selected Dragon/Life

Since I had not created lineups with the Chaos Legendary cards before, I started guessing about what would work together given the mana cap and rule set.

Summoner: Byzantine Kitty. This Dragon Summoner I had used before and with its three abilities new that it would be a very good one to play in the Gold League. +2 Speed, True Strike and Tank Heal.

Byzantine Kitty card.PNG

Tank: Uriel The Purifier. I was very unsure of this card since it did not attack each round due to the Recharge ability. I was hoping that with it's other ability - Flying and the +2 Speed and tank heal provided by the Kitty, it would be able to last and get in a good hit on my opponents Tank.

Second Position: Carnage Titan. This card has high armor and health so should last a few rounds as well. The Reach and Double Strike abilities, I thought would be very useful behind my tank.

Carnage Titan card.PNG

Third Position: Disintegrator. Reducing the melee attack of your opponent is always a good thing. However since Earth was an option for the splinter selection I was just hoping I made a good decision.

Fourth Position: Spirit Hoarder. I know that adding this card to my lineup was a big guess as well. The Triage ability where it heals one back line card per round was very risky especially since this card has such low health compared to the mana cap. But is was another legendary card that I had never used before and I wanted to see how it performed.

Fifth Position: Chaos Dragon. A Dragon lineup would not be complete without this card. The high mana cap of 99 provided plenty of room to add this card to the lineup. The Scatter Shot ability always leaves me guessing but since it has 3 Magic attack no armor would stand in its way. I also like the Flying ability. I am hoping that it can evade being hit and last for a while.

Chaos Dragon card.PNG

Final Position: Djinn Chwala. To round out my lineup, I used this card with the Thorns ability. I was thinking my opponent would have a melee sneak monster and this would produce the most damage.

Djinn Chwala card.PNG

Starting Lineup

Oh my. When I saw that my opponent was using a level 5 summoner and that all of their cards were leveled up, I stated to myself that their was no way that I could win this battle. I only had two cards that were above level 1.

Starting Lineup.PNG

Here is the link to the battle:


The battle lasted a lot longer than I thought it would given the lower levels of my cards. It was back an forth.

I was very surprised that by the start of the 4th round, neither of us had lost a single card. However my tank only had 1 health remaining. My opponent had Shieldbearer with Taunt and then kept healing it so I was not making any progress at all against their lineup.

Start of 4th round.PNG

By the start of the 6th round, we had both taken out each others tank and one other card. I noticed the next three cards of my opponents were all ranged attack. So if I could just get rid of one more of them, I might have a chance.

Start of 6th round.PNG

The 10th round rolled around. My opponent had taken out two more of my cards and I had only killed one of theirs. I think I have a chance of winning but I will need to get past these last few cards. But with Chaos Dragon in the first position with an attack of 3 Magic it will be hard for my opponent to stop me.

Start of 10th round.PNG

Did It Work?

Yes, adding more Dragons to your lineup will most definitely help with the outcome of the battle. I learned a lot from this battle about which cards would well with the others. I love the Chaos Dragon card but always will question the Shatter Shot ability. But overall everything ended in my favor.

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