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Magi of Chaos

This neutral card is sometimes forgotten about as a strong magic user. With a 2 magic attack, 2 speed and 5 health, it is easy to add to almost any of your lineups when choosing any splinter.

As an Epic card, it only takes 4 cards to level it up to a level 2 where it would get an extra health which is always helpful.

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Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 25
Rule Set: Broken Arrows
Splinter: Fire, Life, Death, Earth or Dragon available - selected Earth

With only 25 Mana cap and broken arrows, that only left Magic or Melee. I decided to load up on magic with a Taunt as a tank and Legendary fiend as a buffer in the final position.

The Magi of Chaos compliments the other two magic cards that I selected to use.

Even though my opponent did select the death splinter and offset my summoners +1 magic. I still thought I had the advantage until the round started and I noticed their tank had the void magic ability.

Starting line up.PNG

My tank with the Taunt ability and the tank heal was able to hold it's own for my line up during the first round. I think what helped was the fact that my opponents final card could not attack.

Start of round 2.PNG

During the 2nd round, I was able to take out my opponents tank so now it was my three magic attack cards against their two cards that could attack during the round.

Start of round 3.PNG

By the start of round 5, I knew that I had full control of the match. Their card with the Thorns ability was useless against my magic users. Even though it could inflict 3 Melee damage, my tank heal was healing my tank by 3 each round. They had no chance once it got to this point.

Round 5.PNG

Here is the link to the battle:

Did It Work

Yes, loading magic up against melee is a good strategy. Using Magi of Chaos with 2 Magic attack fit right into that plan. I will add it to more of my lineups where I want to overload on the magic attack.

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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

You should put a little more effort into the wording and/or description of your battle, there is a lot in everyone's strategy to tell and add value to the community.