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This is one of my favorites of the rare Chaos Legion series cards. Team this card General Sloan to get an additional +1 ranged attack. The double hit ability makes this card very deadly. However it does only have a speed of 2 and 2 health so you need to take that into consideration in your placement in your lineup and also with the ruleset.

Pelacor Arbalest card.PNG

The Gold version adds an additional health so that helps out a little but not much. But sometimes all you need is that 1 additional health to last longer than your opponent.

Pelacor Arbalest Stats.PNG

Pelacor Arbalest lore.PNG

Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 46
Rule Set: Healed Out and Noxious Fumes
Splinter: Fire or Life available - selected Life

With the mid to upper mana cap and the Noxious Fumes rule set and the only two choices for splinter being Fire or Life. I would normally select Fire and use the Forgotten One to be immune against the poison.

This time, I thought I shake things up a bit since my opponent would be preparing for me to select Fire. I actually thought they would as well. So I went with a combination of Magic and Range from the Life Splinter.

I was surprised when the starting lineup was revealed and my opponent had also selected Life.

Starting lineup.PNG

At the end of the first round and prior to poison being applied for the first time, I had already taken out my opponents tank and only sustained minimal damage to two of my cards.

start of 2nd round.PNG

During this round, I was able to kill off all of my opponents cards without losing a single one of mine. I have never had a noxious fumes match end so quickly before. I think the Healed Out ruleset had a lot to do with it as well.

Here is the link to the battle:

Did It Work?

Yes, but the match would have been totally different if either one of us would have selected the Fire Splinter with Forgotten One and use cleanse as well. It would have been a much tighter match and no telling who would have come out on top.

In this case, I just happened to be lucky since I had guessed my opponent would do something totally different. But a win is a win and I will take it.

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What a flawless victory.
You have beefy tank plus a powerful team of attackers. 😊