Splinterlands - Tower Defense Pack General Sale Options

If you are a playing of Splinterlands, you have probably heard about their new game in development and being released later this year.

Tower Defense cover.PNG

Tower Defense

I think it has been ages ago that I actually played one of the Tower Defense games. But when I saw the below concept artwork, I remembered more about how the game is actually played.

TD game board concept artwork.PNG

At a high level and in general, you would want to destroy all of the enemy before they made it along the road to the exit point. To kill the enemy, you would set up defenses along a chosen path. If you kill all of them you advance to the next wave.

I think it will be a really fun game to play in between Splinterland matches.


Packs are currently on sale with a closed beta launch expected by year end. 1Q 2023 is when the Beta launch for everyone will be available.

TD game timeline for development.PNG

Based on the timeline, it appears there will be plenty of time to ponder if you want to play the new game or not. However you will need to keep in mind there will only be 2 million packs for sale.

The Tower Defense pack pre-sale of 250,000 sold out quickly and the general pack sales started this week.
Nightmare pack general sale open.PNG

Purchase Options

1) In-game from the Splinterlands website.

A) The first way to buy the packs is from the Splinterlands website with your liquid DEC. The cost of each pack is 8,000 DEC or 5,000 DEC + 1 Voucher

Using the current Hive engine prices:

8,000 DEC = $5.76
5,000 DEC ($3.60) + 1 Voucher ($0.41169) = $4.01

Hive engine DEC.PNG

voucher hive engine price 0.41169.PNG

Purchasing in-game does give you a chance to participate in the Card Airdrops which will be distributed when specific milestones are reached.

B) The second way to buy the packs is by converting your liquid SPS to DEC on the Splinterlands website. You will still need the same number of DEC and Voucher to make the purchase.

You will be able to get 69.235 DEC for each SPS converted in-game.

115.549 SPS ($8.18) = 8,000 DEC
72.218 SPS ($5.11) = 5,000 DEC + 1 Voucher ($0.41169) = $5.52

This calculation does not look right but it is based on the current prices and the number of DEC you would get doing an in-game SPS to DEC conversion. I think this is due to DEC being pegged in-game to around $1.00 per 1,000 DEC

In-game exchange 1 SPS for 69.235 DEC.PNG

Hive engine SPS.PNG

C) The third way to buy the packs is by converting your liquid SPS to DEC on either BEESwap. You will still need the same number of DEC and Voucher to make the purchase.

You will be able to get 96.47 DEC for each SPS converted on BEESwap.

82.927 SPS ($5.87) = 8,000 DEC
51.830 SPS ($3.67) = 5,000 DEC + 1 Voucher ($0.41169) = $4.08

Beeswap exchange 1 SPS for 96.47 DEC.PNG

D) The fourth way to buy the packs is from Hive Engine for Swap.Hive.

You will need 6.732999 Swap.Hive for the purchase. Hive is currently at $0.489 USD
so 1 pack would cost you $3.29

Hive Engine Nightmare pack 3.28648 USD.PNG

Hive Engine Nightmare pack 6.732999 Swap.hive.PNG

Hive per USD.PNG


If you would like to get some packs for this new game you have 4 options. For simplicity, below I am showing the lowest price of each option.

A) Liquid DEC + 1 Voucher - $4.01
B) Convert SPS to DEC in-game + 1 Voucher - $5.52
C) Convert SPS to DEC using BeeSwap + 1 Voucher - $4.08
D) Purchase pack on Hive Engine - $3.29

Even though option D is the cheapest, you will not have a chance to receive the bonus card airdrop for purchasing in-game. I guess it will depend on how many packs you plan on purchasing and what price you will assume the bonus card airdrop with be valued at if you were to purchase it on the open market.

If you have not started playing this exciting Play2Earn game, you should start. Here is my link to sign up:

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Great job looking at the different ways to purchase the packs.


Thank you for taking the time to consolidate all the possible ways we can purchase the packs. The perfect option for my measly budget would to buy from the external market. 😊