Splinterlands - Brawls Now Reward SPS in addition to Merits


Here is yet another reason you should start playing Splinerlands and join a Guild. SPS is now being rewarded for those that are competing in the Guild Brawls. I am a member of the "Index Squad" Guild.

Brawls reward SPS cover.png

SPS Rewards

This was the first week that SPS has been rewarded for Brawl participation. I earned 462 Merits and 10.768 staked SPS. With Staked SPS, you get staking rewards plus also GLX airdrop. Could it be any better.

SPS is currently worth $0.04044 USD to total $0.435 USD for Brawl participation. The staked SPS then earns 25.62% APR of SPS and Voucher and also over 100% APR of GLX. Some are saying it is over 1000% APR but I personally have not calculated the exact APR GLX return number.

Brawls now with SPS rewards.PNG


Once I received 2000 merits, I purchase a Gladius Case which provides 5 additional cards to use when battling in the brawls. So far I have earned enough merits to purchase almost two Gladius Cases per month.

One Gladius pack to open.PNG

Opening packs is always fun as you never know what you will be receiving.

Opening Gladius Pack.PNG

Each Case contains 5 cards with at least one of them Rare or greater.

5 cards to reveal.PNG

I was very lucky with my pack opening. I received 1 Epic, 2 Rare and 2 Common cards. This is way above the guaranteed odds that I was very pleased even though I did not receive a gold card.

1 Epic 2 Rare and 2 Common.PNG

Duplicate Cards

Each of the cards that were in the pack I opened were cards I already have in my collection. This is great because the sooner I get enough to combine them I will have stronger cards to play during Brawl matches.

All Gladius cards have the Bloodlust ability. This is a very useful ability as it increase all stats of your cards by +1 when that card kills one of your opponents cards.

I received a 2nd copy of the Epic Gorth card.
2 Gorth.PNG

A 3rd copy of the Rare Ajax Lightfoot card.
3 Ajax Lightfoot.PNG

Also a 3rd copy of the Rare Captain Katie card. This card with 3 magic attack is wonderful.
3 Captain Katie.PNG

A 4th copy of Chimney Wallstop. I can't wait to get another copy of this one so that I can combine for a level 2 card.
4 Chimney Wallstop.PNG

An additional +1 speed will help a whole lot on this 5 Melee attack card.
Chimney Wallstop stats.PNG

A 4th copy of Whistling Damon.
4 Whistling Damon.PNG

At level 2, this card receives +1 speed as well. A card with 4 Speed will be great to include in a lineup.

Whistling Damon stats.PNG

If you are interested in playing Splinterlands, here is the link to join:

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