Splinterlands - Season End and Staked GLX earns 261%

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Splinterlands is a fun online Blockchain collection card game where you create lineups based on certain criteria and Battle against your Opponent. I have been playing the game for almost two years and find have not been bored with the game play or the exciting changes that are always being made to improve the game.

This Season I was able to make it up to the Gold I League and ranked 771st in all players in the Gold League. This is very good for me. I am hoping to get in the top 500 again but I will need to upgrade more cards to be as competitive with the other players in that League.

I won less than half of my matching which also shows that I am not as competitive as I would like to be. However I was able to get 8 wins in a row which is very good for me.

Match Report - Performance.PNG

For the 281 wins that I did get this season, I was able to earn 62.445 SPS tokens. These tokens are worth around $0.026 each. This is about $1.62 for two weeks. This does not sound like much but these tokens get staked and earn over 24% APR and also they provide you an airdrop of the GLX token which when staked earns around 261% APR.

Captured SPS - Ranked Rewards.PNG

No the 38 million Staked GLX is not mine, I have a small fragment of that amount but where else can you earn 261% for staking tokens.


In addition to the SPS, I also earned almost 300 potions and 604 merits, 46 rewards cards and 3 Chaos Legion packs containing 5 cards each.

Rewards Report - Loot Chests.PNG

Remember I was talking about SPS earlier and all the benefits of owning it, well in my season end chest I received 38.325 SPS and during the course of the season another 23.310 SPS in daily chests. This added another $1.60 to my staked SPS that is earning the 24% and GLX token airdrop that when stated will earn 261%.

Each season, I just keep adding to my holdings of SPS and as it grows, I get more GLX which grows as well.

Season End Rewards - summary.PNG

Also, during the season I like playing in the Tournaments which are available in addition to normal match play. This season I entered 9 tournaments and won another 75 SPS which again provides the GLX airdrop.

Tournaments Report - Prizes.PNG

As you can see, there were some of the tournaments that I did not do very well and only won a few battles. I use these tournaments as a learning experience. Also, even though the fees show that I paid over 1000 SPS to enter these tournaments, almost all of the tournaments that I entered I received my fee back for placing. I start the season in Silver League which reflect a lower fee when entering the tournaments, then when I get to Gold League the entry fees jump. My advise is to enter as many as you can while the entry fees are low.

Tournaments Report - Summary.PNG

The new season is starting again so wish me luck. Take care.

If you are interested in playing here is my referral link:

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