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Cursed Windeku

Cursed Windeku is part of the Death Splinter. It is a rare card with the Thorns ability. The thorn ability does damage back to my opponent if attacked with a melee card. The 3 speed also helps ensure it is faster than several other cards.

Then only downfall is the cost of 6 mana to use the card but I believe the other stats more than offset for the cost.

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Cursed Windeku stats.PNG

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Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 22
Rule Set: Noxious Fumes
Splinter: Life, Water, Death, Earth or Dragon available - selected Death


A mana cap of 22 does not provide very much to work with in terms of cards. I chose to go with the Cursed Windeku as my tank since it has both offensive and defensive attacks. With 3 Melee and the Thorns ability, I should be able to damage my opponents front line enough so that the Noxious Fumes ruleset can eliminate several of their cards.

In addition, Cursed Windeku has a large amount of health so should last longer in the tank position before it is killed.

I selected Harklaw with it's Immune ability and Venari Bonesmith with Life Leach ability to increase my changes of outlasting my opponent.

As a buffer to round out my line up, I added the Corpse Fiend in case my opponent had Sneak cards in their line up.

starting lineup.PNG

Battle Progress

My opponent had two cards in their lineup without any attack and added buffer at the beginning of their lineup to ensure their main cards were not impacted by my attacks.

My opponent used faster cards in their line up and took about both my Corpse Fiend buffer and Venari Bonesmith before I had a chance to make my first attack.

Start of round 2.PNG

By the start of round 3, Cursed Windeku still had 5 health but my opponent had a none attack monster now in the first position making the Thorns ability useless.

Start of round 3.PNG

Even though at the beginning of the 4th round my tank only had 1 health remaining, my opponent had only one card left with attack and it also had only 1 health remaining. Both of these two cards will be taken out by Noxious Fumes leaving only my Harklaw with immune and 2 melee attack against an non-attack card with no way to defend against either my attacks or poison.

Start of round 4.PNG

Here is the link to the Battle:


Cursed Windeku lasted four rounds due to it's health. It was the reason my lineup lasted so long against my opponents card selection. After that point, the match ruleset basically killed my opponent faster than I killed them.

I would definitely use Cursed Windeku in future lineups. This match win was part of a win streak so I received bonus Reward Points and ranking. I hope to continue the win streak and finish the season strong.

Battle results.PNG

If you are interested in playing this game, you can sign up using this link:

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Great battle and strategy for Noxious fumes.