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Djinn Inferni

Djinn Inferni is an Epic monster with 3 Magic attack, 3 Speed and 4 Health with a mana cost of 7. This is a very strong Magic monster and should be able to lay waste to my opponents given the right circumstances.

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Djinn Inferni has a great ability called "Giant Killer" This ability does double damage to monsters that cost 10 or more mana.

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Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 24
Rule Set: Melee Mayhem and Odd Ones Out
Splinter: Fire, Water, Earth or Dragon available - selected Fire


With the Melee Mayhem rule set, any Melee monster in the back line will be able to attack my opponents tank. I wanted to put a buffer at the front to use up one of my opponents attacks.

The only problem is that with the Odd Ones Out rule set, I can only chose monsters that have an odd mana cost. This limits my choices however this also limits my opponents choices as well.

I selected Djinn Inferni with the "Giant Killer" ability to cause additional damage to their tank. I believe they will pick one with a mana cost of 10 plus so I should be able to do double the damage.

I followed up with two Melee attack monsters to take advantage of the Melee Mayhem rule set.

Starting lineup.PNG

Match Progress

My strategy to put a buffer first worked however Djinn Inferni does not have the Health or speed to get ahead of their tank. Since their tank will have the first attack in the second round, I will lose this monster before it has it's chance to attack.

Start of round 2.PNG

My other two cards are holding their own against my opponent. I was able to take out their tank and healer in the second round. Now I need to get past their buffer before I can attack their main magic user.

Start of round 3.PNG

I came down to the last two attack monster in round 5. It appears that each of us will get two hits however the win will go to whomever gets to go first in the second attack. This is where my opponent has the advantage. I believe that magic always gets to attack before melee when the speed of both monsters are the same.

Start of round 5.PNG

Here is the link to my battle:


I believe my strategy was sound however I did not believe my opponent would use a summoner with -1 Magic since the Rule Set was Melee Mayhem since this rule set would give players an advantage. The battle did come down to the side that got to go first thus showing that speed is one of the best items to consider when creating your line ups. I was a little disappointed that I lost but learned from the failure.

I would most definitely use Djinn Inferni again in future battles as it is a very strong and useful monster to play in matches.

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