Spring Training Is Back, Check Out The 2022 Edition!



Last year we started a collectible program on Wax for Splinterlands NFTs (see here)

Now its time for the 2022 Edition!

This year we have some major changes to make the tourney system more efficient, more rewarding, and more fun!


What Is Spring Training?

Spring Training is a community project built for ALL players to experience the Splinterlands tourney system and to have fun and earn limited NFTs on the Wax blockchain. Everyone is encouraged to participate in both formats:

  1. Daily PopUp Sit-and-Go Tourneys
  2. Weekly "League-Limited" Tourneys (lasting for 8 weeks)
    The tourneys are only 3 DEC to enter (and FREE if you play all your matches and win at least one match).

NOTE: everyone can participate each week, but with only one account per person per week in the weekly tournament. PopUp Tourneys have no restrictions for humans.


What Can I Win?

Spring Training 2022 is a set of more than 450 collectable NFTs which covers Chaos Legion, Reward Cards, and the Gladius Set. Plus each pack will have a chance to receive a Super Mega Raffle Ticket to win a special UPDATE pack that will include subsequent cards issued like the Legendary Summoners of Chaos Legion and the entire Riftwatcher Set.

NOTE: ALL Spring Training NFTS are NOT PLAYABLE in the Splinterlands game.

There are 4 types of packs depending on tourney type and league level:

Mini - 3 NFTs - Only available in PopUp Sit-and-Go Tourneys

Regular - 10 NFTs - Available for Novice and Bronze Weekly Tourneys

Jumbo - 20 NFTs - Available for Silver and Gold Weekly Tourneys

Super Jumbo - 30 NFTs - Available for Diamond and Champion Tourneys


What's In The Packs?

There are over 150 different cards inserted into packs with 3 variations:


deeplurker sep.gif

Dark Spirit

soul stranger neg.gif



Plus each variation also will have an extremely limited Electric Version that range to as low as a 1 of 1 version of your favorite card. (check out our Discord to learn how to obtain these very special NFTs!)


All NFTs are earned free by playing the Special Spring Training tourneys.


How Do I Get My NFTs?

  1. Enter the Tourney of choice, play all your matches, and a) win at least 1 match in the Weekly or b) finish in the top payout spot for the PopUps.
  2. Visit Hive-Engine.com. All Tourneys will pay out a Hive-Engine.com token.
  3. To exchange your Hive-Engine.com token for a WAX pack, please visit our discord and go to the #pack-exchange room.
  4. To open the Wax packs just go to this address and its super easy:


Where Do I Find My NFT Collection

Your NFTs are held on the WAX blockchain and can be viewed by going to atomichub.io.

NOTE: if you don't have a wax account and need 5 wax to set one up, then we also have a way to get you started on our discord server (click here #trade-2-mini-packs-for-5-wax-room)

Since these are collectable and tradeable NFTs, then anyone can buy, sell, or trade them at anytime. In fact we already have a developed market from 2021 with thousands of NFTs already changing hands! Check out the great prices some of our players are already listing them for on Atomic Hub


When Will The Tourneys Start?

We will start the Daily PopUp Sit-and-Go tournaments today.

We will kick off the Weekly tournaments on April 29th.

Note: while the token distribution will happen immediately, we will use the following week to work out the process for swapping hive-engine.com tokens for wax tokens. But contact us on Discord for the latest updates.


How Long Will This NFT Give-Away Last?

These NFTs will only be available for a short time (8 weeks max). The tourneys will end whichever happens first: 1) we run out of packs or 2) 8 weeks have passed. We will then have a gigantic SUPER-MEGA RAFFLE on July 4th, 2022 to distribute excess packs and the UPDATE SET (assuming Riftwatchers has been released before the end of the season).


If you have an interest in joining the Spring Training, I hope you do. Its a very fun project and I think I can say that players both large and small enjoy getting free NFT collectables. Please contact me on discord at davemccoy#2479 or visit our discord (click here) and I'd be happy to answer any questions at any time.



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