Darcy Dayana

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Author reward: 53.182122 SPT for dayadam/figures-that-inspire-fingus-flinger
Author reward: 3.058995 SPT for dayadam/re-atemart-2023922t183647573z
Author reward: 14.885909 SPT for dayadam/re-bronkong-2023921t231857785z
Author reward: 88.805148 SPT for dayadam/fungus-flinger-2d-quilling-technique
Author reward: 0.348728 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-s1adqb
Author reward: 0.412730 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-s131by
Author reward: 0.440964 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-s10xlp
Author reward: 0.016132 SPT for dayadam/re-mario02-s102zf
Author reward: 0.057966 SPT for dayadam/re-equipodelta-s0yepa
Author reward: 72.707880 SPT for dayadam/vampiric-blossom-in-3d-quilling-technique-splinterlands-art-contest-week-258-eng-esp
Author reward: 68.129491 SPT for dayadam/cornealus-pendant-in-3d-quilling
Author reward: 0.000024 SPT for dayadam/re-acidyo-s07evt
Author reward: 90.619552 SPT for dayadam/earth-elemental-2d-quilling-technique-splinterlands-art-contest-week-256-engesp
Author reward: 0.561276 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-s03xlr
Author reward: 1.580211 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rzwgxj
Author reward: 0.001418 SPT for dayadam/re-splinterlands-rzti6k
Author reward: 55.392963 SPT for dayadam/splinterlands-social-media-challenge-runi-sample-letter-pendant-quilling-technique-eng-esp
Author reward: 1.337011 SPT for dayadam/re-solumviz-rzi7wd
Author reward: 1.515036 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rzi7mu
Author reward: 95.688093 SPT for dayadam/fire-beetle-3d-pendant-quilling
Author reward: 0.499847 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rz86ci
Author reward: 73.972497 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-ryu4qd
Author reward: 0.053674 SPT for dayadam/re-splinterlands-rytyh7
Author reward: 21.424226 SPT for dayadam/nectar-queen-quilling-technique-splinterlands
Author reward: 1.425639 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rykhze
Author reward: 180.353497 SPT for dayadam/splinterland-logo-in-3d-necklace
Author reward: 0.455332 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rxfvbl
Author reward: 0.377089 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rx2fr3
Author reward: 0.473407 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rwz15f
Author reward: 0.403186 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rw1fwk
Author reward: 1.410965 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rvyyc2
Author reward: 1.723898 SPT for dayadam/re-rosmiapure-rvyuiq
Author reward: 0.371160 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rvfk9v
Author reward: 0.413457 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rv7s33
Author reward: 1.312828 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rusgl4
Author reward: 1.715095 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-ruseg8
Author reward: 1.279799 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rupkfy
Author reward: 1.275862 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rupf0h
Author reward: 0.342297 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-ruk3nt
Author reward: 0.395558 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rugipz
Author reward: 0.332626 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-ruclti
Author reward: 0.000010 SPT for dayadam/re-acidyo-ru7mbo
Author reward: 0.294954 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-ru7m36
Author reward: 0.317746 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rtw9zd
Author reward: 0.288230 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rttz6e
Author reward: 1.373500 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rtj0ff
Author reward: 1.443074 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-rt7yh2
Author reward: 1.467002 SPT for dayadam/re-noctury-rt7lrv
Author reward: 0.124295 SPT for dayadam/re-lucky-elephant-rr9wws
Author reward: 1.217512 SPT for dayadam/re-cpol-2023130t11164345z