Sept. 23, 21: Routine, Early Teaching, Errands, Oculus, and Games



Up at six this morning and nearly a half an hour over a full night’s sleep! 🥳 Been sleeping really well lately with only a few exceptions. Means I’ve definitely felt more motivated in general.

Quickly did my usual morning routine. Had some green candles in the crypto markets, which was nice to see, but far away from much of anything profitable (at least for me), so still just sitting and waiting. FIRE is really starting to piss me off now.

Started working relatively early on my post, so even though it was somewhat truncated, it was still a halfway decent one nevertheless. Only feel half as bad for not going back and editing. 😛

Got my shower and headed in to teach. We looked at trigonometric integrals today, not exactly everyone’s favorite. Still, we got through quite a few examples, which was good. Had a couple questions in Discord in the evening that I helped with too.

Got home and grabbed a quick sandwich for lunch, gave the cat and dog their lunchtime treat, and then it was time…

I guess the major thing for today was that I did actually make it until today, which was what I was hoping, to do all my errands in one go. Hit the gas station and the bank, drove in and got myself a welding machine (now I need to practice before I try anything for real), hit the puffity-puff store, and then went to another hardware store and got the wood that I need to finish the other bench restoration project sitting in the garage.

I got stuck in some wicked stop-and-go traffic on the way in, but I wasn’t in any real hurry, so I just waited through it.

Luckily, I do have plenty of scrap metal to practice on 🤣:


I felt pretty good about getting stuff done today, so I rewarded myself with some Oculus. I played through a couple more new songs on expert and expert+ on Beat Saber and played through another mission on Star Wars. There’s a new update with eight new missions on Walking Dead, but to be honest, I just can’t seem to figure that game out. Tried twice now to play it from the start and lose interest…too many zombs and too little ammo (and guns break too fast).

Anyway, didn’t even open the box on the new welder yet, but I did get the face mask adjusted so I think it will be usable. I got a fixed shade, was cheaper, so we’ll see how it goes.

Otherwise, Wenche brought home Barney’s for dinner. The pulled pork sandwich is super yummy. Unfortunately, they’re closing down, so this was the last time. 😢

Played some Splinterlands and watched some MacGyver and that was it for the day.

Don’t ask me, I don’t know. dShitty being momentarily less shitty? Probably something related to the fall in the price of HIVE. Your guess is as good as mine.



Only went in once today on CryptoBrewmaster. Got the barley malt I needed and now only have aroma hops left. Should be able to start a brew here in the next day or two, hopefully.

Did a couple lessons and a mission on Rising Star. My Ego was back down into the teens, so I didn’t do more lessons, but thinking I still might need to. Went in to the market and got another instrument as well.


Splinterlands actually wasn’t too bad today, especially after the last couple days of major suckiness.




With less than a week now left in the season, I finally broke up into Gold I. Looks like Diamond may be a struggle at this point, but it’s still possible.


Had Death splinter for my quest today and completed it in Gold I. Got quite a few cards today!


I went in and got a few more of the new rewards cards off the market today as well. Seems like I’m only ever able to get them up to level 8 before they go out of print and become stupid expensive, so trying to be a little more proactive early on to see if I fare any better.

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Hello @definethedollar. Interesting day you had. Is FitBit the equivalent of Actifit? Also, do you play a certain amount of games each day? Seems like you have a busy schedule each day.

What project are you starting with the welder?

Thanks for sharing your day.

Take care.


Hey! Thanks for stopping by! 😁

FitBit is just a fitness tracker, but I did start paying attention to my daily activity because of ActiFit.

I play maybe an hour or so each day, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on whether I remember to go in and/or Splinterlands gives me trouble.

For the welder, generally the skill to combine two pieces of metal, but in particular, I'm hoping to weld a nut on the end of a frozen bolt on the Model A I'm restoring.


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