Battle Mage Secrets: Equal Opportunity

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Battle Mage Secrets: Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity is a ruleset where all the monsters may attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health. It is best to choose a summoner that can help you to attack first.

Top Summoners for Equal Opportunity: Modern Format

image.pngByzantine Kitty: I suggest this summoner because you want to be the first one to attack. This summoner can give your monsters an additional 2 speed and it also has the True Strike Ability. Using Byzantine Kitty I also recommend choosing Agor Longtail as your tank.
image.pngQuix The Devious: As I said, "You want to attack first", that's why I also recommend this summoner. It can reduce the speed of your enemy monsters.
image.pngKelya Frendul: For the Water Splinter, Kelya Frendul is the best as can give your monster +1 speed and armor.
image.pngIlthain: For the Life Splinter, Ilthain also can give your monster +1 speed. And I suggest putting Jared Scar and Shieldbearer.

Top Tank Monsters for Equal Opportunity: Modern Format

Wave Brood
Mycelic Slipspawn
Dark Ha'on
Agor Longtail
Coeurl Lurker

As you can see in Top Tank Monsters, all of the monsters that I choose have the Taunt Ability. I recommend those because with the Equal Opportunity ruleset you don't want to sacrifice your cards that have less health. And also it might be hit by monsters that have the Bloodlust Ability. Using Tank with taunt Ability I also suggest adding monsters that can support your tank like healing, repairing, and resurrecting.


Battle Field Ruleset


image.pngLost Magic: Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.
image.pngClose Range: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.
image.pngEqual Opportunity: All monsters have the Opportunity ability.

Mana Cap: 44
Active Splinter: Fire, Life, and Death

Battle Prediction

I think my opponent will go in all melee and add Jared Scar. Or my opponent can also choose Death Splinter and put all Melee including those monsters that have the Thorn Ability. So my tactic here is to put all melee monsters that can reduce my enemy's melee attacks.

My Team

image.pngGrandmaster Rathe: I know that magic monsters cannot use in battle but I still choose this summoner because I want my monsters to have additional shields. But if I have Ilthain I probably choose it as my summoner.
image.pngLegionnaire Alvar: I choose this monster because it has the Demoralize ability which can reduce my enemy's melee attack by 1.
image.pngChaos Knight: I add this monster in case my opponent will Demoralize my monster. This monster has Inspire Ability which can give additional melee attack.
image.pngJared Scar: I always use this monster in Equal Opportunity Ruleset. This monster has the Bloodlust ability plus True Strike and Piercing. So imagine when this monster attacks and hit enemy monsters it has the chance to always activate the Bloodlust.
image.pngDisintegrator: I'm using level 8 Disintegrator but it is still good because all I want for it in this ruleset is its Demoralize ability.
image.pngSupply Runner: I add Supply Runner because most of my monster has a low speed.
image.pngBlinding Reflector: I choose this card because of Blind ability. If my opponent chooses all melee there is a chance that my enemy monster will miss to attack mine.


Start of Battle

Round 1


  • My opponent aiming for speed, Courge use Lux Vega with 2 monsters that have the Swiftness ability. So Courge will attack first.
  • My Supply Runner died in this round.
  • Ever-Hungry Skull also die in this round but some of my monsters receive thorns and reduced shields.

Round 2


  • My opponent monsters continue attacking Chaos Knight and it has now 1 health remaining.
  • Cursed Windeku with the 6 speed miss attacking Legionnaire Alvar with only 1 speed, thanks to Blind ability.
  • Now it is Jared Scar's turn, Jared Scar attack Gargoya Devil it is dead. Jared Scar Bloodlust activate. And now Jared Scar's stats is 9 melee attacks, 2 speed, 2 armor, and 7 health.

Round 3


  • Courge attacked first and kill Chaos Knight so all my monster melee attacks was reduced by 1.
  • Jared Scar attack Supply Runner and kill it since Supply Runner has 7 health and 1 armor.
  • Jared Scar Bloodlust activate again and its stats now are 9 melee attacks, 3 speed, 8 health, and 3 armor.

Round 4


  • Courge attacked first again and it killed Blinding Reflector.
  • Jared Scar the beast attacked and killed Lira the Dark.
  • Jared Scar's stats now is 10 melee attacks, 4 speed, 9 health, and 4 armor.

Round 5


  • In Round 5, Jared Scar still making the battle on fire.
  • Jared Scar kills Dhampir Stalker.
  • Jared Scar's stats increase again.

Round 6


  • Until the end, Jared Scar is the one who killed most of my opponent's monsters.
  • Jared Scar's final stats is 12 melee attacks, 7 speed, 11 health, and 4 armor.



I'm using a scholar account in this battle


The key to win this battle is choosing cards that have a lot of damage or monsters that have the Bloodlust ability like Jared Scar. But it still depends on the other ruleset that combined with Equal Opportunity. For example, the ruleset is Equal Opportunity and Wands Out, so it is automatically all your monsters are Magic Attacks. But what I recommended is to choose a tank that has Taunt Ability then predict if your opponent will go all melee or magic attacks. GG Courge.


The cover photo was made in Canva.
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