TIPS : Sniping on Market Place (before season ENDS)


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As we all know with the last season update, the seasonal rewards is based on the league you finish not the highest you achieved. This updates changed most of the player’s gameplay especially those people renting a max level card for one day just to achieve diamond and champion league. There are also those doing some piloting service for their client to achieve the same league. This was no longer possible with the updates, which i think good for the future of the game. As the developer state in that AMA “If you want to earn higher rewards, you need to contribute to the ecosystem”.

The aftermath of such updates can be seen in the volume and price of daily rental rate of cards before season ends. We can see as almost as x10 or more of the normal daily rental rate of 1 card especially those high level/power card.

For example, I have this epic goil foil card with collection power of 10k. I was able to leased this for 50+ DEC above everyday as season start but it goes as up as 800 DEC a day before season end. I can say that if you are just new to the game, you will really find it hard to maintain your power before season end as you will take the risk with the season rewards.


I have some tips for those new to the game on how to and when to snipe in high power cards with low fee based on my seasons experience of renting.

First, you should know the collection power of each cards for you to understand and compute how much power do you need and on what league do you want to stay.



Second, you can use external market like peakmonster and monster market to easily navigate the market and used more advance tools. But you need to understand how it is use first. Here are the guide for Peakmonster.


monster market.PNG

Third, you must rent 2-3 days before season ends, much better if the clock just move within hours to 2 or 3 days of your choice.

Lastly, many people especially new to the game always look for gold foil card when it comes to power but you can get more power with lower amount paid for those regular ALPHA/PROMO card with max level with equivalent number of BCX. Of course, we should not remove also the fact to check those gold foil or other type of cards when checking the market but based on my experience those type with rarity of RARE or EPIC provides lower rental fee than other type of card on equivalent power given.

Thank you and Godbless!!


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