Splinterlands: My Lamborghini! Social Media Challenge!



Hi, Splinterlands and social media audience! I hope all of you are having a great day.

Disclaimer: The main audience of this blog is social media users, which are unaware of splinterlands earning potential and don't see it as a game (I see splinterlands as Pokemon) but more like an investment vehicle.

This is my entry for Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! @steemmonsters @splinterlands

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The car you just saw has a special place in my heart. Why did I buy this 5 inches toy/showpiece car?

I had 26 passive income sources and one of my wildest wishes was to earn from NFTs and content writing. When I joined Splinterlands both of my wishes came true. I started earning a huge amount from blogging and felt its power. To incentivize me for increasing my passive sources of income I always give myself a gift. Because of Lil Bubble and some of my childhood memories, I have a special place for showpiece cars in my mind. Thus the car you see in this picture represents my success to increase my passive income sources from 26 to 28. I even take this to the office and put it on my desk and even while writing this comment, I have it on my desk. Every time I see this it reminds me of my achievements and gives me the energy to work hard and achieve the rest of my dreams. My dreams usually revolve around making money not because I like or hate money but because with money, I can buy freedom, flexibility, peace of mind, and much more. The word "freedom" consists of only 7 letters but when I think about the link between money and freedom, It's deeper than the ocean.

Each trade, each financial operation that is carried out on Binance, the largest Exchange in the world today, has a cost, a commission, a fee. If you are not already subscribed to this Exchange you can do it with my referral and you will have 10% discounted commissions immediately, forever. Why not?

If you have still not joined splinterlands yet, join now:

Note: Every Dollar earned from this post goes towards buying NFTs and I never sell them, I only use them for rentals. Your upvotes help me become a splinter whale and skyrocket rental prices.

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