My story with splinterlands


Back 2 years ago in 2019 i entered the block chain and the crypto world for the first time , so i start checking the block chain platforms and games .
And at that time i found a nft game called splinterlands .


i didn't have any clue about it or about hive block chain back then , so i decided to check ot out , i sign up with my gmail then i start to play a battle immediately, but i didn't win anything i didn't win dec i didn't win cheast , then i asked about it and i got the answer immediately , the answer was that i have to buy speel book so i can start earn .


The speel book price was 10$ and i had amount of 40$ in PayPal . But back then i told myself " wait a minute this is a scamm game they said first that u can play for free , and now they demanding 10$ , what after 10$ , they will demand more for items and more and more..." so that's my friends was the voice of my demons😅😅😂 , my demons that they don't want me to be successful. And i was fool enough to listen to that idea , so i reject to puy 10$ and i sign out and i delete my accounts . Then i move on to look for projects that i should work in .

So after 2 year of rounding around crypto world and block chain with making 0 profit from a lots of block chain projects like eos games eth games , i get desperate from this "shits " of block chain and i decided to get out from it . But after a wail i was looking around in Google and i found splinterland again so this time its was the angel voice who talk tinside my head and he said "why not its just 10$ you will lose nothing just trying it " so i buyed speel boock and start playing wisely , after 2 weeks i discover that i was the biggest idiot two years ago 😅 , because just playing two weeks i found that i earned more than 80$ with just of 10$ of investment. Now am about 1,5 month from playing splinterlands and i maked some profit but not like my first season , because a lots of players have sign up and splinterlands start change the prizes and the market and rent cards goes up .
So now i still blaming myself and i imagine if i start playing it two years ago ... what a stupid i was 😅.