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Hello friends, it's the weekend again. I have some free time again and spent this morning playing the game, trying out different strategies for the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge and the Even Stevens rules.

The restriction of playing only cards with an even summon value works quite interestingly, and my favourites for this rule are the Water and Earth elements. The former because of the powerful Djinn Oshannus mage, and the latter because of the mages that can be boosted with Obsidian.

I've actually won more tricks with the latter, so I'll share my strategies, which has helped me out quite a few times:


A great summoner that enhances magical attacks. Since I was planning on using at least 3 mages, this card could have a big impact on the battle.


My long-time favorite. A great card for the first position with lots of health, good attack, and most importantly the ability to heal itself.


Since I decided to focus on magical attacks, I couldn't help but put this expensive but very strong monster. The huge amount of health and self-healing ability can be quite useful if the enemy quickly incapacitates my "tank", and the magical attacks enhanced by the summoner make it pretty damn dangerous!


Assuming the opponent could use cards with magic attack protection, I decided to diversify my attack and gave the third line to this speedy archer. Given her ability to attack from the first position, it's a very useful card. And getting the chance to attack first made me happy.


Healing is never superfluous and the next line went to this mage. Strengthened with a summoner it's also pretty good and should help you win a head start if you don't get destroyed by a badass archer or enemy mage due to Aimless rule.


Extra protection is good, so next to the healer I put this mage giving small shields to allies. if the opponent is focusing on melee attacks or archers it should be quite helpful!


Completes the combo with this seemingly weak mage. His ability to replenish life back up to his damage is proven to be highly effective, and boosted with a summoner, he can deal a decent amount of damage before quitting.

My opponent chose the same wizard as me, but put a significant amount of focus on defense, using MYCELIC INFANTRY on the first position, which was replenished by GOBLIN PSYCHIC. The combination was quite dangerous, and MAGI OF CHAOS looked threatening, but he missed with HUNTER JARX on the second position, and I hoped that my mages would take out his tank quickly.

Screenshot 20230528 at 090355 Splinterlands  Collect Trade Battle!.jpg

BEATRIX IRONHAND's fast attack paid off, and in the first round I got rid of the enemy GOBLIN PSYCHIC, greatly reducing his chances of winning. The shields were a good defense against HUNTER JARX's attacks, so I had the advantage at the start of the second round.

Screenshot 20230528 at 090756 Splinterlands  Collect Trade Battle!.jpg

I lost my QUEEN MYCELIA in the second round, but my shields wouldn't have had much effect on the fight, as my opponent had only one card left against my five :)

Needless to say, the fourth round didn't happen.

Battle Link

I guess if my opponent had chosen a mage or something instead of the archer the fight would have lasted a bit longer, but it seems that my combination of shield defense, healer and self heal cards is pretty hard to beat.

Happy to share my experience and see you on the battlefield!

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