Splinterlands Diary 31.12.22 - End of Season Rewards

Hello friends, it's December 31st. The mood is very festive and this morning I'm happy to share my progress in Splinterlands.

Finished the last season of the year in Golden League I, racked up 46 chests and got quite good rewards - some cards, 48 SPS, a bunch of potion bottles, over 2000 Merits and the Chaos Legion Pack.

The pack turned out to be quite successful - Epic Tusk The Wide and Disintegrator in Gold Foil.

Buying Gladius Case for the Merits I received added the epic Gorth to my deck. I didn't have this card before, so I'm very pleased.

But the main surprise last night was the Riftwatchers pack. After the season ended, I decided to spend some SPS and got an epic SKARGORE Gold Caller. On top of that, since I've been thoroughly pumping Death's elemental, I'm very happy to get another Queen of Crows.

That's how it is :)

I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year, success in all your endeavors and, of course, more profits in crypto and Splinterlands :)

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