Splinterlands Venari Crystalsmith Giveaway and 500 SBT tokens

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I have another Splinterlands card giveaway. Let's call it #3.

My last card giveaway went so well I said to myself "Let's do it again!". So here we are everybody. Going to keep it simple once again. The rules will still be the same as the last giveaway. Plus still giving away 500 SBT! Good luck everybody.

What is being given away?

I'm giving away to one lucky person entered a Level 1 Venari Crystalsmith card from the Chaos Legion set from the game Splinterlands.

Venari Crystalsmith (image-@Splinterlands)

Also I will be giving one lucky person entered who didn't win the Supply Runner card, 500 SBT ( Splinterlands Battle Token) tokens.

SBT Logo - (Image-@sbtofficial)

OK. So how do I enter?

Just leave a comment with something like "I'm in" , "Enter me" or any other phrase that let's me know you want to be entered. That's it.


  • Please just leave one comment. Multiple comments by a single user will just be considered as 1 entry.

  • In your comment, leave your Splinterlands screenname if it is different than your Hive name so I can get the prize to the right spot.

  • The SBT prize will be sent to your screenname address that you use to leave your comment.

  • If you would like to upvote or reblog this post I would greatly appreciate it. But it is not a requirement for entry or increases your chances of winning. Also if you want to tag other players who might be interested in the giveaway, go for it!

So when will the winner be chosen?

The winner will be chosen on Monday May 9 by 10 am Pacific Time(Los Angeles). I will use https://wheelofnames.com/ to chose the winners and post screen shots. The winners will be announced in a reply comment to this post with the winners tagged and also by a buzz on @dbuzz.

I wish everybody the best of luck in the giveaway and thanks for your support!

P.S. I would like to shout out my Splinterlands guild @acolytesofhelio (Set to 10% beneficiary on this post) . We are looking for members and I encourage you to check us out if you are looking to join a guild.

Thanks - @dudeontheweb


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I cannot resist a Venari Crystalsmith, such a great card! :) Please count me in, Dude!

And thanks for the shout-out of our guild: Acolytes of Helio - a very cool bunch of peeps!

IGN : oceanbee