Cheap Gems to Play in Silver League with the DEATH Splinter



In silver league, provided you have a maxed out summoner (Common 5, Rare 4, Epic 3 and Legendary 2), you can summon COMMON monsters up to LEVEL 5. Some common cards acquire a second ability before and/or at level 5. Despite the fact that those cards can be quite powerfull, they are both under-played in silver league and cheapers in dollar average. Of course, they are some exceptions to this rule, such as the FLESH GOLEM which is one of the most expensive card in common. Exceptions aside, this serie of posts will focus on cheap common cards that acquire a second ability before level 5.

I will focus only on cards that cost less than 1$ / BTX based on peakmonsters stats at the time of writing.

For the first post of this serie, let's focus on 3 cards of the DEATH splinter !


With 5 melee damages, this guy is quite a monster! It aquires TRAMPLE at LEVEL 5, especially usefull for games with Melee Mayhem rule. With 11 LIFE, it can also be played as a tank, but carefull, he remains quite slow.

$0.57 Low Buy / per BCX

Kitten Surfing


This monster is quite usefull for games with low mana cap, where it can be played as a versatile tank that avoid damages (FLY) and FIRE BACK some of them. With 3 melee attack, it's own attack shall not be neglected.

$0.26 Low Buy / per BCX

Kitten Surfing


This one is my favorite for low mana cap games, and an easy counter to the earth summoner Mylor crowling ! Indeed, the scorpion aquires THORNS at LEVEL 5 !

$0.29 Low Buy / per BCX

Kitten Surfing

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