I am waiting for the day first of the next month.

Hi everyone,

I don't know what is wrong with the #splinterlands but whenever I am trying to do anything on it, it starts but doesn't proceed further. For example I am ready for a battle but it won't initiate. It keeps me waiting, waiting and waiting. I am not even able to claim rewards. So, my investment on it is becoming fruitless as I won't be able to withdraw my assets as well from it. I have tried everything but nothing is improving.

Let put that shitty thing apart. I am happy to have some #hive tokens for investing and I am ready to power up on the the first of the next month. I am waiting eagerly for it as it will enable me to fulfil my dream of having an edge on this platform. I am hoping to powerup and increase my assets of cryptos and get lots of benefit in the form of rewards such as curation reward and rewards for posting. Are you going to power up on that day as well?

With love from @erica005